Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Ramp

Today I had to wait for Joe to go get the rental car and then come pick me up. I had looked at the 'accessible' sign pointing up a ramp that had handrails on both sides. I couldn't see the length of the ramp but immediately felt okay because I pretty strong when it comes to pulling myself up with the rails.

When Joe called to say he was a couple of minutes out I headed outside, in really cold air, and turned to find two things. First, the ramp was really long. Second the handrails were too far apart and I wouldn't be able to pull myself up. I had no choice, I had to push. My strength, after both working out and travelling frequently, is at an all time high so I thought I'd be able to make it.

About half way up the ramp I knew I had it in me to make it to the top but I also know it would take a lot of energy and concentration. I was growing near the end when I realized a fellow was following me up the ramp. I was a bit disconcerted and told him that he could step around me if he'd like, there was lots of room

He said, and this shocked me, "No, I'm just following behind you making sure that no one grabs your chair or interferes with your climb."


That was something that I actually needed. I had been fearful that I'd be hurt again but someone shoving me without warning. I still have a sore spot on my back from this exact thing happening a couple months ago.

I got to the top and thanked him, he just smiled and went on his way.


And more importantly how did he know.

I'll bet there's more to his story, more about his journey, than I could possibly imagine. He knew how to help without helping. I'm still in a bit of awe and recovering from quite a shock.

Whoever he is, deeply, from me. Thanks.


Shannon said...

Interesting! My guess is that he knows a wheelchair user(s) and that many of them have had the experience of being grabbed and pushed and don't like it. Or maybe had to use one himself at some time. In my experience some nondisabled people know it's something you should ask before doing, but plenty don't realize this.

ABEhrhardt said...

When I am going upstairs, slowly and with concentration (and painfully), the thing I HATE is having to use some of my precious energy to reassure other people that I will make it.

Because they just used up some of the energy I NEED to make it.

Unknown said...

One of those moments of grace in an ordinary day...

Rickismom said...

or maybe he reads this blog....