Sunday, July 16, 2017


I see you see me.

You wash your hands, quickly, then pass me by. You act as if I'm not there. As if I won't know that it was you who made the mess. Who pissed all over the toilet seat in the accessible stall. As if I don't figure into your world, as if I am an inadequate consequence to your filthy behaviour.

But I wonder if you see me, seeing you.

And I know on entering what kind of person you are. Too lazy, or in your mind, too above, the action of lifting a toilet seat. No you leave your piss sprayed all over the seat, dripping wet, stinking of arrogance.

I saw you yesterday, in the mall, you walked by me as I pushed towards the one stall that would accommodate my chair and me. Your face became glued by my anger towards you to my memory of seeing that seat, the puddles of urine, and the damnable task of cleaning it up. I had no choice, no other stall to try. So I mopped up your piss.

Later I saw you, in the food court, with your girlfriend. I rolled by your table and stopped and stared at you. I didn't say a word. I saw her face confused, looking back and forth between you and me. I didn't move, just looked at you with contempt.

I wanted you to know that even as you value me so little, I value you less. I wanted you to know that your were beneath my contempt. Someone you see as being less than you, sees you as less than them.

I saw the change in your eyes as you wondered if I was right.

Let me tell you, I am.


wheeliecrone said...

Can't help but wonder. Does his girlfriend know that he can't be bothered to lift the seat? H'mmm.

ABEhrhardt said...

What scum.

It happens in the other stalls, too, but then people have a choice of others - were these people brought up by orcs?

Glad you didn't let it pass quietly - sounds like a very loud stare.

Unknown said...

What a pig!! You showed great restraint in not telling him off in front of his girlfriend.....tho I understand that speaking to him would have given him justification (in his mind) for further abuse.....


Shannon said...

I find pee on public toilets a lot. I've never understood why people don't take a minute to wipe it off. I have to carry wipes with me.