Saturday, July 22, 2017

A New Everest

A little over a year ago I wrote a blog post about my attempt to push up a really long and very steep ramp. As I described then, the ramp is so long that they built a flat section about 2/3 the way up so you can rest before attempting the last part. The last part changes pitch a bit and is considerably steeper that the bottom part. When I wrote about it, I wrote about making it part the way up. I wrote that I knew one day I'd have the strength to make it all the way. That trying and nearly making it wasn't failing, it was trying and nearly making it.

It's just over a year later and I've tried the ramp a few times over the year, each time just about making it, each time needing help to finish. Last time I tried we were with Ruby and Sadie and I asked them to stand at about where they thought I'd have to stop. Sadie, as it turned out, had little faith in my strength and I passed her marking, Ruby set my attempt as ending just a little above the flat rest space and I passed it too but not by much. Both girls were thrilled that I got as far as I did. They too saw it as a successful attempt.

Yesterday, after work, Joe and I were back. I started up while Joe parked the car and he was back about the time I hit the rest spot. I told him that I thought that today was the day and I asked him not to help even if I'm clearly struggling. I assured him I would ask.


I began.

Making the rest spot was tough pushing, like it always is, but it's pushing knowing I can do it. As I began the last part, I didn't have that faith in myself. I didn't think I could do it. It's really steep, I'm really heavy, and I'm tired out from the first part. But I inched closer and closer to the top. People turned to look because of the sounds I was making as I part pushed, part pulled my way up. I passed my previous high point and almost decided to stop, but I didn't. I cleared the top. For the first time. It took a year for me to get the strength to do this but I have the strength.

I felt a bit nauseous from the strain and had to stop for a second, but it went away quickly and we continued on. This morning my shoulders are sore, but it's a weird kind of sore, it's like my body saying, RAH. That probably makes no sense at all.

RAH (ouch) for the prior attempts and RAH (ouch) for making the top.

I need a new Everest.


Unknown said...

I am so very happy for you. What an achievement. That sore is the best sore you've ever felt I'm sure. Now you can master this everest while looking for a new one. You've made a lot of gains over the last year. I hope you know that you are very inspiring to people.

Belinda said...

Hooray for the champion mountain climber! So great! Such an awesome accomplishment.

Unknown said...

Well done Dave!

clairesmum said...

Tired from achievement is a way better than tired from exhaustion in a full out effort that falls short due to factors beyond your glad for you, Dave!
and kudos to Joe - holding back when a loved one is struggling, to allow the other person to do what they need to do or want to a challenge too.
that whole dynamic of "helping' when it is not asked for and arising out of your own needs/discomforts is so sneaky......
savor your accomplishment!


ABEhrhardt said...

I hope to do some of the same.

You inspire me to keep working at it - not that I'm quitting!

I'm so happy you achieved your goal, because you worked for it - and earned it. What's not to like? It's like Rocky and the steps in Philadelphia.

Liz said...

YOU DID IT!!! Mazel tov!