Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Weight For It

I rolled into the shop for the first time. Up until now Joe's just headed over and picked up what I needed when I needed it. Today I decided that I'd like to go take a look at what they had and ask a couple questions of the clerk. I've not been in a shop where they sell weights and other fitness, and martial arts, stuff ever before in my life. I rolled through the door and over to where the weights were. I own several of two different kinds. I don't like the grip on some of my sets because they are so big, and I have big hands. I wondered if there was a reason for them being designed that way and I wondered how much I should go up, I'd typically gone up in two to three pound steps but was considering going up five.

The clerk was quite helpful and answered all my questions. He was certain that I was ready to go up five pounds and I tried out a variety of weights and decided that he was right. It would be hard work, but I think I can handle the larger step. After the purchase he smiled at me and predicted, with certainty, that I'd be back soon needing another five.

So, I know this is kind of a boring post and not a particularly inspiring or interesting tale.


Shopping for weights is not what I'm writing about.

Tomorrow I have to go to a senior team meeting at a location where I've been before. Because we are leaving on a road trip, to Atlanta first where I'll do the keynote at the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals second annual conference and from there to Florida for a wee bit of a holiday. So, while Joe would normally stay with me to assist me at the venue tomorrow, it's a long push to the washroom, he won't be able to stay. He'll be coming home to get the wheelchair van we are renting and pack it up. Then he'll come to get me.

You know what?

I'm not worried. I know I will have the strength and the stamina to push myself all over the venue, completely unassisted. I've been working to have stronger arms and to have more stamina when getting myself around.

So, boring or not, I'm excited about tomorrow and independence regained.


Denise said...

Good for you! I have been exercising regularly since January to rehab a broken leg. I have gone up several colors in theraband, which I perceive to be similar to your situation. Keep up the great work!

Frank_V said...

First there's your awesome blog that I use as motivation to improve my own. Now, you you're upping the ante for me to up my game on my workouts as well? Will this madness never cease? HUGS!

Unknown said...

I didn't realize you were going to be in town this weekend. Full radius dance is performing very near the conference venue if you have time to catch the concert--let me know, I'd love to meet up.

Unknown said...

Well, to me the idea of going into a shop and talking with a clerk about fitness and weights and such would seem like one that could be 'high risk' for anyone who doesn't already have a fit, toned body.
the whole idea of exercise as part of good self care is still so foreign to me...i know why it is so hard, but I have not been able to actually MOVE into physical activity just for its' own sake.

Have a great time in the States.

Liz said...


Ron Arnold said...

Depending on the exercises you do - you may want to consider weights you can add to / take weight off of. There are a number of types of those. Just a thought. I'm glad to hear you're increasing in the amount you can lift and that the work is having a solid payoff! There's a a good reason you do what you do! =)

kstableford said...

Go Dave, go Dave!!

ABEhrhardt said...

And you did it for yourself. The whole interaction with the clerk sounded so satisfying.

I believe in doing everything you can, within reason because of energy constraints. It does take longer and get us more tired to do certain things.

It's the attitude: preserve independence as long as possible. When I find myself getting into a different mindframe, it's time for the talk - to myself.

I have a general rule: if I can't get there myself, and take care of myself while there, I don't go. I don't always have to, but I'm not depending on the kindness of strangers. My daughter has been driving me to church and singing in the choir with me. It's lovely, and far less exhausting for me. But when she was not available, I went anyway (and was wiped out the next day - CFS does that), but the singing is MY thing, and I'm going if I possibly can.

I missed the last one because the university had reunions and would not let me park on campus, and the off-campus parking is very difficult for me - I knew there was a possibility I'd get there, and not be able to drive myself home safely. I didn't go (I'd already told the choir director weeks before I probably wouldn't make it).

But maintaining what you have is important. I do exercises daily to maintain my little mobility, and I'm constantly thinking how to improve that.

Keep up the effort - it is worth it. Some day you may not be able to; but this is today.

Unknown said...

Cheering you on every roll of the way Dave!

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful post to read! I hope you enjoy Atlanta and have a wonderful holiday in Florida.