Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Thank Heavens for the T(ea) in Winter

On Sunday Joe and I had raisin scones with tea.

Sunday also happened to be the coldest day of the season thus far. We were out only because we had a desperate need to get some groceries. The cold, day after day of freezing cold, had prevented us from making it down to the store. The store is on the subway line but it's at an inaccessible stop so there is nothing to do but walk down. And there was no way that we were able to bear the cold to go that far. During the rest of the year, the other three seasons, we like the walk down but on Sunday morning, the store might as well have been in Kapuskasing.

I decided to try and book a WheelTrans bus, holding out little hope, but managed to get a ride down and a ride back, with enough time in between to shop. As it turned out we had lots and lots of time because the store wasn't very busy. Few people were on the street and fewer were doing their grocery shopping. The aisles, free of the crowds of people normally there, felt a bit like there had been a Zombie Apocalypse and we were on a mission to get the makings of a spaghetti pie. The garlic in the sauce would have protected us ... oh wait, that's vampires. Without people to edge by, we were done our grocery shopping in record time.

There was time to go to Tim's, right across from the grocery store. This being Canada and this being Tim's there was a line up. No cold weather, or zombies, or vampires can keep a Canuck from a cup of Tim's best. Known for coffee, Tim's also has great tea. Joe like steeped, I like green. We got our tea, picked out our raisin scone and then found a table.

It was the coldest day of the winter thus far, but here we were, in the middle of the day, warm and safe, with a tea and a scone, with time to relax before the ride home on the bus.

We rode home seeing cold snap in the air outside the bus. But let winter do it's damnedest, the tea had been hot and the scone had been warm. Ever notice, right there near the centre of the word, there's a "T(ea)" in winTer. For this I give thanks.


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear you are finding warmTh in the cold winTer. Here in Atlantic Canada (PEI), we are digging out AGAIN after another round of Mother Nature's winTer rage. 87 cms over two days. Needless to say, I am looking forward to spring... ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh Dave, I was so sad to read about the young disabled man who froze to death outside his home yesterday. What a tragedy. I thought of you and hoped you were safely at home, warm and dry. samm in welland

Kris S. said...

I will be asking for your Spaghetti Pie recipe on FB. I make a recipe with the same name and am interested in seeing how our recipes compare!