Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Subway surfing!

On our way down to the movie theatre with the girls, because it was bitter cold, we took the subway. We always get on the very first car, through the first door, for a couple reasons, there are  fewer people and there is always a wheelchair spot. As we got on and I took my spot the girls, seeing all the space, decided it was the perfect opportunity to subway surf. If you've never done it, all it is is planting yourself, firm to the ground, and then, not hold on to a hand rail. The goal? Stay standing.

Sadie is still on subway surfing's bunny slope. She stands in the direction the train goes, feet firmly planted. This is the safest way to subway surf as you can easily balance as the train stops and starts. Ruby, however, has moved on to extreme surfing and that's standing cross ways. Much more difficult to balance and, in her eyes, much more fun. The four of us were laughing as they were getting into position.

There were few people around us, maybe 10 or 12 and all of them women of various ages. They were, as a group, really enjoying watching Ruby and Sadie have so much fun. They also saw what Ruby and Sadie didn't see and that was the supervision they were getting and the boundaries that were being set. Fun doesn't require anarchy. After the second stop a few women were encouraging both girls to 'go for it.'

As we were approaching our last stop, I said to the girls, "I'm going to take you on." I felt the looks of everyone. How could this be? The girls looked at me with curiosity too. I turned my chair slightly and then as we approached the stop, simply put my arms out, like they each do as the train comes to a stop. This struck both girls funny bone, seeing me perfectly secure in my chair with my arms out. It also struck the others riding as well and we all had a good laugh.

Getting off the train one of the women leaned into me and said "Those are very lucky girls." I whispered back, "Being loved should never have to be an act of luck." She nodded and said, "But it is, isn't it?"

I know that's true.

I wish it weren't.


Colleen said...

Sounds like so much fun! being a country girl I have never heard of subway surfing.

Sadly in today's world being loved does depend on luck.

clairesmum said...

I'd never heard of subway surfing, either! I think that all the love that you and Joe and Ruby and Sadie share might have been part of the magic that created this little bit of community on the subway car.

Ron Arnold said...

Love is expressed through action. Some folks don't know how to act in a loving way. I don't know if that's a failing of luck so much as it is a function of this upside-down sort of world we've created.

YOU Dave - seem to be well-versed in the actions of love. And you express it to those two girls (and Joe and others too) . . . that ain't luck. That's just - love through you.