Wednesday, November 05, 2014


I'm having a really hard time shaking this damn bug I picked up. I haven't been out of the house in days and I've discovered that even I can get tired of tea and blankets. Joe, who seems quite immune to whatever I've got, has been extra busy with taking care of me. I'm extremely fortunate to be with someone who cares unreservedly and cares generously. He never makes me feel like I'm a bother or a disruption to his day.

So, on today's really brief blog, I just want to pay tribute to all those women and men who provide care and support to partners with disabilities or illnesses. We may not always know how to say it, or we may say it at inopportune times, but we love that you love us so much that you are here for us when we really need you.

Love is a word easily said. But doing love, rather than saying love, is a powerful thing.

I know I will get better, and I know that there will be an opportunity in the future, as there has been in the past for me to 'show love' ... I know that.

But right now, I merely want to be grateful, for Joe and for all the partners who help all the partners who need it.

Now, back to bed.


Flemisa said...

Very, very glad that you have someone like Joe in your life and I bet he would say the same about you. It takes two people each giving 100% to make a relationship flourish and last.
May I also admit to being a bit envious?
May you have many more years together.

Louna said...

I always enjoy it when you write about Joe, because of how your love shows in your writing. And I hope you get well soon!

Princeton Posse said...

Snuggle down Dave and get better soon. Thank-you to my partner who puts up with a cranky, irritated, tired woman who doesn't have a clue what's for dinner.

ABEhrhardt said...

I know what you mean: they make it possible for us to exist in a half-sane way.

Being grateful is the absolute minimum response, and I try to use it often.


PS Get well!

Anonymous said...

Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dave, it means a lot that you have written this to me as a partner of someone with a chronic health condition.
Hope you feel better soon! Best wishes.

clairesmum said...

with Joe's tender loving care, and a lot of rest and hot soup, you will be feeling better soon, I expect! the healing is in the caring. and yes, it is harder to accept assistance than to give it sometimes. Joe, take care that you don't get sick too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave and Joe,
Sending you both metaphorical chicken soup and warm wishes. Get well soon and stay well.
Best M. In Sacramento.

Betty said...

You don't know me.
I just stumbled upon your post.