Tuesday, February 18, 2014

the aRe word: the lecture

We are rushing because the weather's turned bad again and we're going to have to leave earlier to get to the venue where I'll be giving a lecture this morning - The aRe Word: How to Support People with Intellectual Disabilities who Tell You That They are Being Teased and Bullied. I'll be in Peterborough this morning and Oshawa this afternoon.

I'm impressed when I'm asked to give this lecture.
So often the 'just ignore it' movement - the one that suggests that this is a solution - has people thinking that by saying those three little words, they've intervened and supported - denies that there should be any training at all.

Then there's the 'they've got to just tough it up' movement - the one that suggests feeling pain where pain was intended is simply weakness. 'This is the way the world is, they better get used to it' is the mantra of the toughen uppers and they think that this kind of training is coddling.

And of course there's the 'they don't get it anyway so why draw it to their attention' movement. It's one that is absolutely convinced that people with intellectual disabilities don't recognize or fear hostility. They figure this kind of training and discussion does damage to people with disabilities.

So, when I get asked to do this workshop and when lots of people sign up, as is the case today, it means that there are those who see the problem and who want to engage in talking about solutions.

I'm looking forward to the day.

A gold star if anyone can guess what colour shirt I'm wearing today!

Gotta go!


Feminist Avatar said...


pattib said...

I guess yellow!

Anonymous said...

yellow yellow my good felow

Kris S. said...

What is yellow, Alex?

Anonymous said...

Like the stars shining in the night; because the stars are all yellow :-)


Maggie said...

Brave, bright, brilliant Yellow

Adelaide Dupont said...

I think you will be wearing pink, Dave, because that is the anti-bullying colour.