Tuesday, October 08, 2013



That's was interesting.

This blog is going to take me a very long time to type. I type over a hundred words a minute, but this is being typed one letter at a time. Why? Because everything freaking HURTS!! Our first trip with me taking over more of the work and Joe lifting and pushing differently. Because of Joe's therapy and restrictions we've been travelling with my power chair in tow. So I haven't been pushing. I've gotten out of the habit of pushing myself down long hallways and up long aisle ways.

Today I've pushed myself farther than I have in weeks. I conquered a carpet that was thick and plush, great on the tootsies, terrible on the wheels. I felt my muscles strain as I made my way over the carpet. I swear that the carpet offered more resistance than Joe did on our first date. It was brutal. I helped get the chair into the car, I helped in the grocery store, I wheeled for freaking miles.

And now.

I hurt.

I have to go to the bathroom but it'll have to fall out because I can't push anything more today.

This was a wake up call for me. I need to get back in pushing shape. It hasn't taken long to get out of shape with getting around in the chair.

Forgive the long pause but I had to put my hands in my lap and rest my arms. Holding them up to type, even with one finger, is more than I can bear.

So, good night for now, I just can't type another


Louna said...

Thank you for making the text easier to read, and I wish you a swift recovery! It's scary how quickly we can get out of shape, and reaching a certain age makes it even worse.

Anonymous said...

Such a timely message (as your messages usually are, Dave). I have to get back to my workout routine, too. Yes, "scary" is a good word for how much ground one loses--and how quickly one loses it--"at a certain age".

To honor today's post, I will get back on that "fitness treadmill". Anyone else? :^)


Dave Hingsburger said...

I'm about to face that carpet again. I hope it rolls easier to the north than it was to the south. It's amazing how much I've learned about carpet since becoming a wheelchair user. Good plan Sue!

Anonymous said...

The sad truth is that every day you either work hard to get a little bit better - or you get a little bit worse.

It takes longer to restore fitness than to keep it up, but life keeps hitting us with circumstances that make us have to battle back for control.

The alternative is worse: losing what mobility you have.

Too bad it hit all at once. I empathize with the pain part.

Deb said...

I hear ya! Fitness flies away like dew on grass on a July morning, and getting back in shape is very difficult.

Didn't we have the good sense to say not to trust anyone over 30 when we were 18? Maybe we ought to have said, don't trust your own *body* over 60. It's just waiting to give you grief!

Namaste, dear one.

Anonymous said...

oh Dave please be careful on the fitness treadmill, don’t overdo it as most of us tend to when rallying to ‘get back’. Mostly because I (i think lots of us!) care deeply for you. But also because I will miss your daily words if pain and tiredness means they don’t get online.

Anonymous said...

How was the northern stretch on that carpet today, Dave? :^)

I managed to push myself to work out, too. One small step today, one small step tomorrow...and so it goes.


theknapper said...

Please take a break from the blog.....love reading your posts but dont want it to be painful....