Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Two Beautiful Boys, Two Lovely Sisters, Two Amazing Parents

I'm often late to the party with YouTube videos and Facebook events. So I apologise to those of you who have seen the latest, incredible, video about the 'R-word.' I tried very hard to embed it in the post but was not able to. So, I'm going to simply say, click here and head over to take a look. I suggest that you NOT read the article that embeds this video first. Just find it, click on it, enlarge it and then watch it. Read the accompanying text later. I've just seen this, maybe three or four minutes ago, and I'm still having an emotional reaction to what I saw. Please take a a few minutes to view, again, simply click here.


I was reading about embedding links into a post and they say the worst way to do it is to do what I've just done. But, heck, rules are made to be broken!


Thanks Susan for sending me this - I hadn't seen it and would have been poorer for it.


John R. said...

This makes me have great hope for the youth of today. Also, really puts my jaded and cynical views of family life in check. This is a glimpse into a pretty functional family unit, it seems....I am very emotional as well after watching...5 times!

AkMom said...


It does need a tissue warning, though.


Stephen said...

That was simply one of the most powerful, moving things i have ever seen. To turn such hated into something so positive. An amazing family indeed.

Cynthia F. said...

Adorable! I love that these boys are growing up as activists and active forces for love in the world. They'd be oblivious if they didn't grow up in a home with neurodiversity - and the poorer for it.

Sher said...


Here is another example of sibling love. These parents have raised children that make the world a better place.

Belinda said...

AMAZING and powerful.Thank you Susan!