Saturday, January 19, 2013

Til Tomorrow

Was feeling unwell yesterday.

Took the day home to rest and recuperate.

So taking the day off from blogging too.

See you Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Take care, and get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Feel better!

theknapper said...

Rest and take care.

Beth said...

Glad you seem to be feeling better now.

Very else, but I just wanted to say... when I napped today, I dreamed of you, though rare comment exchanges are the height of our social involvement.

I think there was some kind of festival going. Started with you in your power chair in an empty-ish colosseum with the basketball floor down. A prominent businessman (entrepreneur was implied) came over your way, also in a power chair. As he did that, for some reason you tried to hide you were in one, too... by covering the controller, as if that'd work so well. The two of you conversed and you bumped your hidden controls. The other man made some joke about the chairs and the two of you shared a good laugh.
Later on, you and I met by the facilities, which I'm not quite sure about. I mean, I thought we were indoors, but you started talking about accessible port-a-potties, so a few words passed between us about those. In any case, there we two doors directly to individual accessible toilets, though I think they were connected by a little space at the ceiling. I could hear you muttering and humming to yourself a little bit, presumably as you got settled...

And then I awoke.
It's been years since I've dreamed about anyone I've only known online and it's the first time I've dreamed about anyone I knew just from a blog. Hm. Ah well. There you go. Amuses me a bit.

Dave Hingsburger said...


That's wild - I can imagine myself muttering about accessible port a potties, and in fact I DID at the Chicago Disability Pride parade last year! Thanks for telling me about who I am in dreams.