Friday, January 18, 2013

Show and Tell

 (photo description: Ruby, a six year old girl, wearing a black parka, a white touque, big pink boots and oversized red gloves is leaning up against a big snow-woman (she refuses to call it a snowman) who is wearing a scarf and a black hat. Ruby and the snow-woman are both smiling. Click on picture to enlarge.)


... did something that was odd and something that was cool at the same time.


... hangs around vegetarians a lot.


... her show and tell at school became a really different show and tell.


... took the heart from a fish that had been served at dinner and put it in a Tupperware container.


... wanted the other kids to see that animals had hearts because she thought they should all know that before they ate them.

Dave and Joe

... who are vegetarians and thought that this little act of 'gorrilla education' was decidedly awesome.

Dave and Joe

... are really thrilled to know that activism can start as early as age 6.


... wonders if someone needs to somehow arrange a show and tell for the entire world.


... would sit doctors and teachers and support service agencies management right up front of that show and tell.


... would like to see the looks on their faces when they learn, first hand that everyone - every single person, every single type of person ... has a heart.


... thought that what she did might make a difference.

Dave and Joe

... hopes that it does.


... wonders if, at his imaginary 'show and tell' for the whole world, people would take notice of if they'd be busy texting to friends about being bored.


Glee said...

WOW GO Ruby :) Thanks Dave, that gives me heart.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Ah, Glee, you alread had one!

joanne said...

yes, and i believe that the snow-woman has a big heart too just like Ruby and her loved ones :) the world needs more "rubies" :)

Princeton Posse said...

Dave's Readers...think it's pretty cool. It's not the size of the heart that counts but what is within it.

wendy said...

Wow! Wendy wonders how Ruby's teacher and classmates reacted to this piece of information! She's something, that girl! So clever. You can't put "feelings" in a tupperware container, but a heart, that can be done!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Especially the texting comment at the end. What a true statement in this day and age we live in. Thanks!

Put down your phone, iPads, etc. and pay attention of the people around you who have real flesh and blood hearts. People who need you to make eye contact, smile, and give words of encouragement!

JosiahD said...


I rely heavily on my electronic devices to communicate and understand the world, and I can't always make eye contact (and rarely do with people I'm comfortable with).

A lot of people like me don't make eye contact at all, and are completely dependent on things like iPads to be able to communicate.

Please remember that we exist and stop stigmatizing our kinds of interactions and things that make communication possible. We're real.

Shan said...

I disrespect texting behaviours, too. JosiahD might be the exception to the rule - it seems from his comment that he is unable to communicate in ways that have served humans for the entire history of the race...but as for the rest of us, we need to look up from our damned screens and live our lives.

Speaking of....[shuts laptop]