Sunday, August 19, 2012

Good In

Maybe he was an angel.

Someone sent to warn me.


It feels like it.

I had been heading up Yonge Street. He'd was heading south. His wheelchair was a complex as his disability, with tubes and hoses attached at intervals between him and the steering mechanism. The street was just shy of crowded. I was making my way carefully as was he. I nodded seeing him. He nodded seeing me. He stopped short a couple of times, staying clear of hitting people as they stepped in front of him, not seeing him. I stopped short a couple of times too, once to avoid someone coming to a complete stop in order to send a text message, once to avoid being crashed into by someone hurrying my way. As he passed me, a thin voice, full of air, said, "You got to be good in if you dare to go out."

And then he was gone.

I've never seen him before.

I was not quite sure what he meant.

I didn't, then, understand.

I do now.

My world imploded a bit and it isn't good in ... and being out ... takes daring.

Now I'm thankful that the message was sent. It gave me a way to understand how I'm feeling - being out shopping, being out with friends, being out here.

"You've got to be good in if you dare to go out."


Anonymous said...

Wow - what a cryptic message. One of those statements that could apply to so many things - depending on where you were in your life - or in your day for that matter. The neat thing is that it had a special meaning for you!!

Belly (Liz McLennan) said...

Cryptic, indeed! Don't you just love how the entirely right person often appears at the exact moment they're most needed?

Glad you met and saw your guide for what he was and what he offered: strength and hope.

Belinda said...

For me it means that sometimes we need to retreat "in," to allow it all to settle, to journal; pray; think; be quiet; reflect; maybe cry. "In," we get strength to go back; back to the fray; back to the things that drain us of courage;strength and energy.

In this Blackberry world there isn't a lot of tolerance for "in." We are so often "on" and available 24-7.

Going "in" is wisdom.

Maggie said...

Hoping the implosion hasn't been too destructive ... and that you will know you are loved as you deal with it.

Baba Yaga said...

Sorry about the implosion.

John R. said...

angels are everywhere as long as we listen and look carefully....

I am on retreat with my family in a quiet beach town for a few days....I need to get "good in" because it has been a rough time "out" this past few weeks...

this blog, today, was my angel...