Sunday, August 12, 2012

Crocodile 20 20

Ruby is spending the night here, her parents are off to a wedding and her sister is staying with her Grandmother. We always have books and activities around to keep her interested. One of the books we'd picked up is called Odd Balls, a sticker book that looked like lots of fun. In it there are all sorts of faces, both animal and human, that don't have eyes, noses or mouths. At the back there is an assortment of facial furniture and kids can take them off and make different kinds of faces.

Ruby chose to do the crocodile first and she searched through and found the crock's mouth and then stuck it on. Then the crock's nose was firmly put in place. Then an eye was found and suddenly we were being looked at through the, very intimidating, eye of a crocodile. Then Ruby said, "Let's do another one." I said, demonstrating the well known scientific fact that once a camp councillor always a camp councillor, " don't you want to finish the crocodile's face?"

A quick glance, telling me that I'm ten miles behind her, and then a quick shake of the head. "He's done." I said "But he only has one eye."

Ruby said, "So,"

She waited for me to say something, I didn't.

"He's done." She said again, and moved on to another face.

So, I'm now the proud owner of a portrait of an intentionally one eyed crock And when I say PROUD, I mean PROUD.


John R. said...

One eyed crocs are common in Canada...didn't you know Dave?? Ruby is way ahead of you in her zoology. Or, perhaps, she sees one eye as sufficient and ok for crocs...and maybe humans as well I would guess. My daughter Maya would agree. Really nice story.

Belinda said...

Ha ha! YOU'VE been TOLD, I'd say! :) By Picasso 2012!

Anonymous said...

See also Mandeville and Wenlock Olympic mascots. And Leela on Futurama. Yay!!!!

Anonymous said...

Children are great! And Ruby is veeeeeeeeery special!