Monday, June 25, 2012

Suggestion Box

Murder? Theft? Easy enough to avoid. And my neighbours ass? No, I really, really, don't covet Geradine's ass. I'm pretty good with the Big Ten. I decided, a long time ago, before I had a blog, to write, for myself, 10 Little Suggestions, I didn't have the nerve to attempt Commandments!! I had forgotten all about writing them, but then Joe set about clearing out years of paperwork, shredding what needs to be shredded at home - and arranging for bulk shredding for the less personal stuff. In all that he found my little list. He left it for me on the computer, I think he may have been saying something. I wasn't sure about posting this, but what the heck, why not? I read it over and thought that these are still pretty good goals for me. I changed only number 9 - it needed updating.

The 10 Suggestions

1) Everyone is deserving of respect, treat them as such.

2) Kindness costs nothing, give freely.

3) A smile and a hello isn't a proposal of marriage - don't judge who's worthy of one.

4) Difference is just difference - it has nothing to do with worth - judge rarely and carefully.

5) A second is just a second, you've got more time than you think you have ... hold a door, step aside, help someone pick up things they've dropped.

6) Privilege is rarely earned, so arrogance is folly.

7) Never give your power to another, never accept power from another - you will be hurt if you do the first, you will hurt others if you do the latter.

8) Be kind to yourself, fend off the inner bully, it will be good training for fending off the urge to bully others.

9) Put your phone down, take a breath, engage with others.

10) Pause regularly, think deeply and in silence - listen.

So those were the goals a younger me set for myself. How well I've done with them - well only those who know me can answer that. I do remember writing these, and the circumstances behind the exercise. I wrote them longhand, the copy Joe found had no crossings out so it's definately not the original. Though I remember the Dave that wrote this, I realized that the Dave who read it years later still needed the reminders. I publish this with apologies to the Big Guy who seared the original on stone - my scribbling was no where near as dramatic and my results no where near as profound.


John R. said...

List is universal, succinct and worth posting on one of those abundant BUT really compelling Facebook postings. I am not a huge inspirational poster kinda guy but this also a list to review frequently that is suitable for framing, I'd say.

My fave....
# 9...Put the phone down. Really important these days!!!!

Belinda said...

I love the list--it speaks to me too. And oh-oh, I know what is going to happen when I start clearing out my own old papers next week. I must prepare not to get sidetracked by reading them!

Tamara said...

Thought I commented earlier. I'm printing it out and keeping it on my desk. Great list ... :-)

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Buz Luhrman: "Everybody is free to wear sunscreen"...
Julia :-)

Rickismom said...

Darn good list. Including 9