Friday, June 01, 2012


It is,
dear friend,
your birthday.

For days,
and days,
and days,
I have pushed time,
hurried it along,
not listening as it rebelled,
resisted being rushed.

I insisted,
Wanting the day
to be here.
When you with year older hands
will hold a cup of coffee.
And mine will be warmed
by tea.

It is,
dear friend,
your birthday.

And mere hours
from now.
We will sit together.
And laugh.
At the silliness,
of age,
and time.
We will make a stance,
grab hold of time,
now moving too quickly,
and pull it to a stop.
At least long enough
to sip coffee and
for tea to cool.

It is,
dear friend,
your birthday.

Holding time's collar,
ignoring struggle,
and complaints.
In the pause,
we will learn again,
why you who are coffee
and me who is tea
are friends.


Belinda said...

Friends Forever. The best kind of all! :)

Susan said...

What a beautiful expression of friendship.

And happy birthday D.B! Be blessed.

Tamara said...

Happy birthday to DB! Enjoy your coffee and tea!

Princeton Posse said...

Beautiful. Happy Birthday! Eat cake...with that tea and coffee.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Well, our friendship was tried again today ... something at work came up that I had to deal with and was unable to make it out for tea. But part of the reason DB is a friend is because those kinds of things are simply understood. Sorry DB but we'll try again in a week or two.

Anonymous said...

No fair! I want someone to write me a poem for my birthday!!

Shan said...

Wow - cool poem Dave!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. THank you for sharing.

Nan said...

beautiful poem! Best gift of friendship!

Andrea Bastien said...

it was just my birthday june 2, this was a nice poem to read, dave!