Thursday, January 05, 2012

Note To Readers

As many of you know now, at Vita we are writing articles for our staff that hopefully are helpful, challenging and educational. We've just started this and have now sent out two, both on supporting people through the holidays. Our new one is just done and available. It's on how to create a positive atmosphere while working with each other in human services. I've just sent it out to all the people who requested the last one (if I missed you, I'm sorry) and want to make this one available to readers as well. Just send an email to me at Vita and I'll send it out to you. Apologies in advance for any delay in responding. If you don't get it within two days, please request again - I get a lot of emails and sometimes one gets lost. Contact me at and it will be whisked of to you.

Today's post follows.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Dave,

How LOVELY to open my email and have received one from you, what a wonderful gift!!!! THANK YOU!!
I devoured the article and found it so helpful and timely to what I am experiencing now as a supervisor. I need desperately a way to improve morale with staff, they are compensated with such low wages that we have an extremely high turnover. I want to create a positive atmosphere and keep communication
( ANY) focused on the positive - to make change where I can to provide as genuinely affirming experience as I can for for both staff and the people they serve. You've given me suggestions addressing that very issue. I am very grateful for your ideas and suggestions on this timely subject.

Belinda said...

That article is creating ripples of positivity far and wide. Thank you! We'll be reading and debriefing it at a team meeting tomorrow.

Susan said...

I'm REALLY grateful for these articles. And I'm really glad you're writing them. I wish you were writing them back when I was a brand new "staff" with a whole lot of passion, precious little knowledge, and completely devoid, as yet, of experience. I used to think, "Why isn't there a book that can tell me "how to be"."

Article by article, I think you're finally writing it. :)