Wednesday, January 25, 2012


There has been a bit of controversy going on over at 'The Canadian Weblog Awards' and you might want to pop over there to see what's going on. For those of you who might be confused. In Canada we have two very different blog awards. The Canadian Blog Awards, where you went to vote for me and where I won Best Personal Blog (thank you) is one where readers vote. 'The Canadian Weblog Awards' are a juried award system where readers votes aren't part of the process. Janet, who might be the Janet who comments here sometimes, raised the point that all the bloggers who write about physical and cognitive disabilities have been shut out in the short list and thus will not win an award. The two categories being discussed are 'Ecology and Social Justice' and 'Health and Wellness'.

She suggests that there is bias amongst the judges in that no disabled blogger made the cut. Schmutzie, the organizer, has brought Janet's post forward to discuss and this has resulted in interesting comments and discussion. If you go there, scroll down the suggested list of new blog categories to the discussion of Janet's comment and then go back up to the one that's on top currently. There you will find that Schmutzie has asked for an appropriate name for the new disability category. Help her out if you can.

I commented as a blogger who did not make the short list in either category - but not so much about that as about the 'health and wellness' category as an inappropriate place for the 'disability' bloggers to be placed. Anyways, I'd like to hear your point of view. Is Janet right? Do you think there was bias in the judging. It's hard for me to give an opinion because I'm not sure how I could separte not making the cut from my opinion. I think I could give a fair opinion but no matter what I do I'll be seen as being either 'gracious' or 'bitter' ... so, I'm going to leave the opinion stating to those of you interested enough in these sorts of things.

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