Wednesday, January 11, 2012

International Day of Mourning and Memory: Update

(black and white picture of young man sitting
 on a bare floor on an istitution ward:
photo from Christmas in Purgatory by Burton Blatt and Fred Kaplan)

Hello, thanks to all of you who are getting on board for the day. I'm gratified that so many are helping out and doing things individually or within agencies or colleges. John R, has created a Facebook Page ... and for those of you who want the actual, in writing address, it's ... . Thanks to John for doing this. I'm going to post about this day every three or four days up until the day itself. I'll still be writing daily blogs separate from that so it's going to be busy here on Rolling Around in My Head. I again ask for people to link to the Facebook page or to the original post and encourage others to join in. I know there's little time, but it's too late in coming as it is!


Lene Andersen said...

This is a fantastic initiative, Dave! Sign me up!

Molly said...

Love this! I'd also ask that everyone think of the children who are still institutionalized in places like Russia/Bulgaria/Ukraine.... We lose a huge number of kids with disabilities every year due to the conditions of institutions.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Molly, that's the exactly the point of this day. There are people with disabilities, intellectual and physical, all over the globe who are living lives locked away. It's a day to remember those lives. Thanks for the comment and please let people know about this.

Andrea S. said...

Molly, thank you

Don't forget that we have many people institutionalized not just in so-called "developing" countries but also in places like the United States and other developed nations. For example, in the US it can be difficult for people with intensive care needs (for example, people who need assistance with bathing and feeding etc. due to mobility impairments or other issues) to obtain the funding they need to live independently in the community--even though this is often cheaper than keeping the same person inside a nursing home. An organization named ADAPT ( works on advocacy around this issue.

For children with disabilities around the world--Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, United States, etc.--you can find a lot of documentation at

Dave, for next year I would suggest maybe modifying the name in some fashion to help clarify that the point is not only to remember the past but also to consider the people still impacted today. Maybe:

International Day of Remembrance and Action for Freedom for Institutionalized People with Disabilities

Something like that, perhaps. I guess there is plenty of time to play with this phrasing before next year.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Andrea, I'm open to looking at names when there is time. Right now changing names constantly would be a problem. I don't think this is restricted to institutionalization though, many people lived hidden away by families or by unscrupulous paid care providers. And I wanted it to be a memorial to all those with disabilities who fought back, like Sandra Jensen. To me it's always been an 'act of mourning'. So marching down a street with banners can be as much an act of mourning as a quiet moment of prayer. But, as you say, we'll have time to discuss all this later. Right now, it's just getting the word out. Thanks, so much, always, for you thoughtful comments, I don't say thanks enough.

Nan said...

Thanks Dave, for doing this. Now I just have to blog so I can link to it! Time get back on the 'ole bloggity blog horse! n

Molly said...

Dave, Sounds perfect! I'm in. Spreading the word!!!

Anonymous said...

Great that there is now a Facebook page.

But I suggest it might be easier to publicize via Facebook if someone could also create a facebook "event." I don't have much experience with this myself, but I gather that when you create an event, you can then send invitations to all of your facebook friends (or, if preferred, to a targeted selection of them). It may be easier to ensure your facebook contacts are aware of the event if you can send them a direct invite rather than simply "sharing" via your wall (which they may or may not notice)

For people who have facebook accounts, here is info on how to create an event:

If someone can do this for us, please come back here and let us know! And also post the link at the new facebook page.

Anonymous said...

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