Wednesday, November 09, 2011

blog announcement

Hi, there, I just wanted you to all know that I'm going to be writing blogs for and my first post is up now. I'll be appearing there once a week, although there is no definate schedule. Drop by and tell me what you think.


Jan Goldfield said...

Well writ, Dave. Who ever woulda thunk about transcontinental travel "a couple of years ago."
And because of yours and others' tireless efforts, we can all experience the world from a seated position.
Well, some of the time, anyway.

jordan V said...

Hello Dave,

The article was very well written. I have never met you but I have read a lot of your writing and I wanted to say that I am filled with a sense of pride that Canada has such a brilliant disability writer. I passed your blog address on to my peers in a M.A. Disability Studies degree that I am taking through California Baptist University and the Prof. Said that he has been checking in frequently and loving your writing.

Keep up the good work.

Jeannette said...

I agree. It was an excellent article. We've come a long way, and hopefully we will continue, in the right direction.

Somewhat off-topic, but maybe relevant, is this article about improvements in the new iPhone operating system that may help some disabled people (I'm mostly A/B, so I'm judging from the sidelines.)