Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Golden Years: A New Definition

So, after we finished work in Boston yesterday we got in the car and headed to Poughkeepsie. I've got a keynote to do before heading home. I'd had several cups of tea and by the time we got to the hotel both Joe and I were bursting for a bathroom. We realized that, one of the parts of getting older, is that bathrooms become increasingly more important, and trips there are a little more frequent. We've decided that's why we call them 'the golden years'.

In the room, Joe was having an ache in his shoulder so he asked me to hand him the 'Benny Tinn' from our pill case, I handed over the aspirin. We've renamed the metallic bottle they are kept in 'Benny Tinn' after Benny Hinn, the television evangelist who regularly heals people of huge, improbable diseases. We did this because when we've got a twinge we now need the aspirin to work miracles in our bodies and keep us going.

Our sense of humour, both of us, about every new phase of our life, is really a powerful thing. The other day, Joe was pushing me somewhere and winced a few times? Here was our conversation:

'No, knee.'

a few minutes later

'No, leg.'

a few minutes later

'No, shoulder.'

Suddenly, we were laughing. A day after his birthday and his whole body was in protest. Others around us must have thought we heard the punchline to the funniest joke. Because we were both giggling wildly.

I got into the hotel and somehow, riding a chair, I managed to twist my ankle. So now, when I walk the bit that I do  walk, I'm hopping. When I hop, my body makes weird slapping noises.

How fitting.

My body is applauding the two of us making it through, simply, another day.


Clairesmum said...

Cool! Remember getting older DOES beat the alternative

Blog editor said...

A friend told me recently that at our age (which is very close to your ages) the two things we should never pass without going in were a toilet and a lift (elevator) ... She's usually right.

ivanova said...

Local tip: If anyone in Poughkeepsie tells you to go to Soul Dog for the best vegetarian food, that's true but you should know there is one step at the entrance. People recommend it without realizing it's not accessible.

Colleen said...

I think it was Betty Davis who said, "Getting old is not for sissies!" You have to keep your sense of humour. I think that is one of the best things about a long relationship with a partner - the giggles you can get without having to say a whole lot because you just know.

Belly (Liz McLennan) said...

This made me smile. Keep on keepin' on, Dave. Applauding body bits and all!

Kali said...

You made me smile! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave!
I attended your keynotes today in Pughkeepsie. You were such an inspiration and I found myself in an emotional whirlwind as I listened intently to each of your stories. I remember you said you are a writer and wanted to find information about where to order your books. Your words were so touching, honest and contemplative that I want to delve further into your mind and learn from your experience.

Thank you for a wonderful lecture!