Wednesday, October 05, 2011

5 Things About Me I Bet You Didn't Know

I'm getting ready to go away on a short two day trip. I've little time to write and I'll be getting in late. After a lecture day, I'm pooped. So, I've been thinking about a kind a fun thing I've seen done ... 5 things you don't know about me ... (as if you really care)

1) I was a card carrying member of the Patty Duke club. I sent my money in, I got my membership card, I had signed (by a machine) photographs of her. I can still sing words to 'Please, don't just stand there' and 'Funny little butterflies'. Oh, my, I am feeling exposed.

2) I prefer female singers to male singers. Always have. Caused me great scorn. I liked Dionne Warwick while everyone was entranced with the Beatles. I didn't get them, still don't like their music. Still like Dionne's though. Have seen her a few times in concert.

3) I once appeared as an extra in a Chinese film that was shot in Vancouver.

4) When I find something funny about something, I won't leave it alone, it stays fresh, for me, for years. Ask D.  about Oranges or J. about Horses, or E. about butt plugs, or Joe about - maybe not.

5) I have never 'not voted' in an election. I've voted stupidly (my first election) and I've voted strategically (most elections) and sometimes I've voted because I believe in the candidate (this election). However, I vote in on line polls, for favourite websites. It all started with voting for Miss Salmo in high school. I became addicted.

Enriched much??

Sorry, blogs on the run will never be more than blogs on the run.

Now your turn, 5 things about you ... or even at least one! See you in the comment section.


Premee said...

How fun! I would never have guessed any of those, Dave. :)

My five:
1. I learned to drive two years ago but I still do groceries on foot because I'm scared of the Superstore parking lot.

2. If I didn't drink tea, I pretty much wouldn't get any liquid at all.

3. I have a pattern recognition disorder that was diagnosed when I was about eight.

4. The first concert I ever went to was Paula Abdul.

5. I once got in trouble in elementary school for refusing to draw a picture of what I thought God looked like.

Heidi said... goes:

1. I once put glue along the front of my desk so that the teacher who always leaned on it would get a nasty surprise...she did, but then made me feel really bad as she gave the class a talk about how awful the parents must be of a child who could do such a thing I felt so guilty on my parents behalf...She was good at the guilt still sits there 40 years later.

2. I still play "If I can hold my breath until a red car goes past /if the lift arrives before I count to 10/if that cockral crows twice more ... "etc etc

3. When I'm ill, I just want people to leave me alone - I'll come back out of my room when I'm better - I don't want a nice drink, tasty morsels or... heaven forbid...a massage!! I family are so lovely and I'm just an ungrateful old bag.

4.I have a deep distrust (and dislke if I'm honest) of "perfect".

5.I work backstage with our local youth theatre..there, if anywhere, is the place to support the notion that seeming chaos can produce something extraordinary.

Education: Exploring Online Learning said...

Love this!
1. I'm conditioning my daughter to like the music from glee. I play it frequently when my husband is not home home.
2. I eat peanut butter on everything. If my child has a peanut allergy, I will have to change my diet drastically.
3. I'm one of those crazy runner people who thinks a 26.2 mile race is fun.
4. I switched careers to teach special ed, then had a baby with Down syndrome.
5. The first time I met my husband, I was wearing a cow costume.

Just Jess for now said...

I love reading yours, Dave, just as much as reading all of the comments. :) Here are mine:
1. I never liked coffee until the last year of my Under Grad degree. I swore I'd never drink the stuff, but late nights writing essays and early morning swim practices got the better of me. Now, I must drink it every morning along with the majority of the population.
2. Even though I've been totally blind since the age of three, I have a strange knack of matching colours. I also love anything purple.
3. I'm 28 years old and still love anything Disney-bring on Tinkerbell.
4. I finished university with a degree in Sociology and a loathing for Disability Studies, thanks to a certain professor, but now, three years later I am considering going back to write my PhD in sed hated subject.
5. I don't stay still well. I've lived in Canada, the United States and just moved to Scotland about a month ago.
Thanks for this-it was fun. :)

Colleen said...

Dear Dave:

This is pretty interesting - reading others' 5 things and trying to decide what are my 5 things.

1. I had my class spellbound yesterday while I talked to them about how we silence the voices of people with disabilities. It only lasted for about 15 minutes but it will keep me going for a long time.

2. I don't drink coffee but do have white tea every day.

3. I really like cats but am allergic to them. This I attribute to God's quirky sense of humour.

4. I have a lot of sock yarn. A lot of it is really gorgeous stuff - silks and alpacas. I want to find things other than socks to knit with some of it.

5. I like winter. I love snow as long as I don't have to drive in it.


Nathan Dawthorne said...

1. I love bubblegum dance music - like Aqua and Vengaboys. It drives everyone crazy at my house.
2. I'm a fan of Kathy Griffin.
3. The first concert I went to was Tom Jones.
4. I've never kissed a girl (and if I did I wouldn't like it)
5. I hate sunny days in the winter.

Celine said...

Hi Dave,

Here are my five fun facts for you.

1. I have a degree in marine biology.

2. I can rub my belly and pat my head at the same time.

3. I had a horrible stutter as a child, overcame it and am now in charge of training large groups of staff. The King's Speech really hit home when I saw it.

4. I was vegetarian for 18 years and my first meal when I decided to eat meat again was a big steak.

5. I LOVE peanut butter and chocolate. Separate is great. Together is even better.

Anonymous said...

1. I won a Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Home Ec award in High School. I was a girl, so I had to take the test, even though I was taking drafting not Home Ec. Then they weren't happy that I won.

2. I have a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do from my walking days.

3. I do fiber arts: knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning, embroidery, bobbin lace, dyeing, sewing.

4. As a kid I was reasonably good at basket ball and volley ball. Hated baseball. Turns out I have bad vision and couldn't SEE the silly baseball.

5. I still have the first album I ever bought "Switched on Bach" - J. S. Bach played on the newly invented synthesizer.


Celestine said...

This is fun! So here goes!

1. I am only 4'9" on a good day, but still walk 6 feet tall as I work with persons with intellectual disabilities.

2. My favorite food is fried yellow summer squash.

3.I have 10 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild with # 2 on the way.

4. I live my life by faith.

5. I am a huge Engelbert Humperdink fan. I recently saw him in concert and he is still fabulous at 75!

Stephanie said...

You unearthed a memory I didn't even think i had anymore!!!
Gosh Patty Duke!!! I loved The Patty Duke show.

1. I wanted to be Patty Duke.

2. I secretly really like some of my kids music.

3. I wanted to be a ballerina, still do

4. I never want an empty nest

5. I can consume a whole bag of mini powdered doughnuts, alone and with the greatest of ease.


lillytigre said...

ohh this is fun

1 I have taken voice lessons since high school and now assist 2 other teachers teaching voice. Most fun of all my jobs
2 My disability makes it imposible for me to read sheet music even with lots of practice. But no one but my boss and my bf know that hehe
3 My college background is musical theater/special ed (yes I was like the glee kids in school) because in my first college class my Prof told me she thought it was nuts for me to want to be on stage given my issues. That's what happens when you tell me I can't do something,
4 I put cream and sugar in iced tea.
5 I'm 38 years old and still love whinnie the pooh and Tigger

4 I put half and half and sugar in iced tea

Anonymous said...

1.) My first date with my husband lasted 12 hours. We'll be celebrating our 18th annniversary next month.

2.) When we were planning adoption, we decided immediately to NOT consider a child with Special Needs. I gave birth to a girl with Down Syndrome the following year. Yes, God has a sense of humor.

3.) I like almost all music, but especially love Peter Gabriel and Elvis Costello for their lyrics.

4.) I love to do logic puzzles, especially sudoku.

5.) I hate to cook. If I ever win the lottery, I'll still scrub my toilets, but I'll hire a personal chef.

Debbie (NJ)

SeaLinc2 said...

Ok, Dave, I tried to resis and I just couldn't.

1) I harbor a secret fantasy of owning my own internet company, even though I barely know what HTML is and have no idea how to use it.

2) I'm still a Hanson fan, but from back in the day before they started to suck. :-)

3) I really like grilled cheese and peanut butter sandwhiches. My mom made them for me growing up. She said they were a complete protein. I just like how warm they make my tummy feel.

4) I'm in Debtor's Anonymous, which is a 12 step program for people who have addiction issues around money and spending. Folks don't think it's a real thing, but it is.

5) I took drivers ed twice in high school and passed it both times. I was 14 the first time, and they put me in the class because the office messed up my birth year and thought I was a 17 year old high school freshman.

Beth said...

1. I was a supernumerary (an extra) in an opera. Our costumes were the only things that got a bad mention in the review. (We utterly agreed they deserved it.)

2. I was good at math and a student who never got in trouble, but I received a public dressing down by a teacher in math class every year from 1st to 11th grade.

3. I can clearly remember a historic event from when I was barely 2 years old, including what I was thinking at the moment.

4. I'm exactly the height that, when I was 8 years old, I wanted to be when I grew up .

5. I was vicious at defense playing basketball so as to throw any opponent off their game. I didn't commit many fouls but received lots. I made several girls in my league cry and at least one refused to play rather than face me. Been a surprise to more than one person that I'm kind, empathetic, very ethical... and played to make other little girls cry. What can I say? I'm a fair actress. :-)

Anonymous said...

1. Ooh i really want to try ice tea with cream and sugar now.
2. And get a jar of peanut butter and try in with EVERYTHING... chocolate... grilled cheese... bananas....
3. I love peanut butter on hot toast. And marmite on hot toast. And cinnamon and sugar on hot toast. But not in combination- or at least I've never tried them in combination.
4. I love games like listing 5 things about me I bet you didn't know. And scrabble and monopoly.
5. When i was a little kid I had two imaginary friends called Big Boy Mellie and Big Boy Mousie.

Susan said...

1. When you were not listening to The Beatles, you had company. But I was listening to Peter, Paul, and Mary; Ian and Sylvia; and early Simon and Garfunkel. I loved just about any folk groups with a mellow harmonies. The Seekers. Peter and Gordon. Even the Smothers Brothers!

2. I can still sing every word to "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?" (Remember "Alfie", "Say a Little Prayer" , "Walk on By", and "I'll Never Fall in Love Again"?)

3. I have my own compound mitre saw - and I know how to use it! But my favourite tool is my Bosch cordless drill.

4. I got 29% in Grade 10 French. My teacher said he would give me just enough to pass the year - if I promised NEVER to take French again. :)

5. Each one of my four sons-in-law thinks he is my favourite. My daughter-in-law IS my favourite - but then I only have one of those.

Anonymous said...

1. I am a 2 time Canadian champion in Syncronized skating.

2. Over the last few years I have become a fan of the song MMMbop by Hanson and I saw them in concert.

3. One of my favorite drinks is apple cinnamon tea with cream and sugar.

4. I have always wanted to learn sign language so that I could be a teacher.

5. One of my favorite tv shows is Vampire Diaries.


rickismom said...

Reading al of these was interesting.
1) Growing up I toyed with the idea of a profession: oceanographer (I still love the ocean today and I used to scuba dive)/ doctor (But I didn't have the grades for this)/ librarian/ stunt pilot. Eventually I became a nurse....
2) I love purple food: beets with horseradish/ beets/ red cabbage
3) During college, I ran around with a bunch of drug-users, even though I was "clean". Once when at a music concert, someone new to the group saw that I was happy, and asked the leader of the group "What is SHE on?" Answer: "Oh, Rickismom? She gets high on life....", True. On life and also climbing in the Rockies.
4) I liked the Beatles, but also Ian and Sylvia/ Renaissance dances/ Swan Lake and Sherazad /blues. Today I listen to a very wide range of music.
5) A big part of my growing up was during the years of the civil right movement. My parents were politically conservative, yet very pro civil rights. My Dad bucked the norm when as head of the chemistry department; he hired a non-white teacher who he felt was the best candidate for the job. We sat at the “black” soda fountain (see: )
Therefore it should not surprise you that my first husband was black ( an Ethiopian Jew).

Andrea S. said...

1. I don't drink coffee ... but I drink too much caffeinated diet coke! Though I try to restrict that to mornings only (and switch to something caffeine free in the afternoons).
2. I LOVE the Dr. Who show! And sci fi and fantasy stuff in general.
3. I am addicted to the printed word. Once, as a teenager, I was forced to go an entire week without reading or writing a single word. All day long. For seven days straight. It was like having a really awful itch right in the center of my brain where I couldn't scratch at it except by reading something.
4. I sort of like nuts okay in some things but dislike nuts in other things ... but the "rules" defining when I'm likely to like nuts in something seem so nebulous even to me that I often find it easier to just tell people that I don't like nuts so they don't have to keep it all straight!
5. I absolutely adore dark chocolate ... but not with raspberry sauce. With peanut butter or caramel is okay (and sometimes with certain kinds of nuts depending what you do with the nuts and what kind of chocolate confection it's with, but not always). I even like fresh berries with chocolate ... but not usually chocolate with berries. Figure that one out! :-)

Belinda said...

1. When I was 12 I longed to look like Hayley Mills. I thought she was so beautiful!

2. I once was cast in the role of the father in the story of The Prodigal Son in Sunday School, but while standing in the pulpit looking out for my "son" possibly coming home, I just couldn't stop laughing. I decided that "the stage" was not for me.

3. One of my favourite songs is Mull of Kintyre by Paul McCartney

4. I am gullible Gussy and will believe most anything you tell me--for an embarrassing period of time.

5. My inner clock is set to be five minutes late. I am trying to get it adjusted.

Kristine said...

1. I sometimes attempt to use Harry Potter spells in real life.

2. I can recite the equivalent of an "eeny meeny miney mo" rhyme in 8 languages.

3. I hate bananas, and can taste it if any of my food even touched a banana.

4. My wheelchair has a headlight. The headlight has a Batman signal. :)

5. People always think my name is Jennifer. I have no idea why.

Anonymous said...

1. I like to eat uncooked potatos but only if peeled with a certain kind of knife. Sometimes can not go a day without eating one. Apparantly they are good for your circulation and stomach acids.

2. One of my favourite shows is still "The Muppet Show" and I adore Animal.

3. I have a collection of erasers from all over the world. (One of my friends even searched for an eraser for me in India) While participating at an international conference in Switzerland I had to introduce myself via a question-sheet than presented by a friend. I told him that I collect "rubbers" and he gleefully stated it in my introduction.
The next days I had a huge collection of "condoms" donated to me from everyone :-)

4. I am having piano lessons for two years now and still am learning my first song. (Painted Desert Serenade from Joshua Kadison).

5. Could not wear anything black for a few years because I always thought that then someone had to die.

Julia (from Germany)

Dave Hingsburger said...

This was so much fun! Thank you all, I figure I got to know a lot of you a lot better. Nothing better in blogland!!

Anonymous said...

Here I go.....
1. I have an identical twin sister. Its undescribable to be with someone who knows you better than you know words needs!
2. I bought my own grave about 13 years ago....still wondering if I should pay for my wake in advance!
3. I love to drink TEA no coffee or soda drinks.
4. Met my hubbie at 14, married at 24 and still together at 46!
5. Take life way too serious, interested in spirituality and have practiced yoga for 16 years.

This was fun Linda ( LinMac in Dublin)

Princeton Posse said...

OK Dave, a little late but here goes:
1. I am almost always a few minutes late...but I always show up!
2. My first concert was Alice Cooper. My mom thought I was going to see a pianist!!
3. I've been a vegetarian for 37 years. The last meat/flesh I ate was a hamburger from MacDonalds that had a hair in it!!
4. I secretly wish I was an archeologist.
5. I think I have math dyslexia. Numbers make my brain spin and they don't make sense. Knowing this, I surveyed all the universities that didn't have a math component for the course I wanted to study.

Martha said...

Hi Dave! This is a really fun idea!
Here are my five:
1. I am a concert harpist.
2. I always turning to baking, although not eating when I am stressed.
3. I am addicted to education. I am on my second degree and I am not certain that I ever really want to leave school.
4. My life is out of balance when I am not around a L'Arche community.
5. I read too much. I can't go through a day without reading and I moved 1,100 books with me when I left Ontario.