Friday, May 27, 2011

What a day I've had

Oh, what a day I've had.

It began with meeting Bill Lindsay for breakfast and then driving him up to the Columbus Center to give a day long talk. I was only able to be there in the morning because we were heading to see family in Ottawa in the afternoon. But in that half day of learning, my mind cracked open a bit and whole new thoughts tumbled in and out. I was able to re-articulate old ideas and re-conceptualize something I've never understood. It's way too much to write now when I'm way too tired. But, man, that's good training. I love being given ideas and the freedom to play with them a bit. It was awesome. Dr. Lindsay is a profoundly decent guy whose work is both compassionate and inspiring.

Oh, what a day I've had.

A couple of friends saved a seat for me at the conference and though we didn't get much time to see each other or talk together it was enough, for now. Belinda and Susan came in smiling and it just lifted my spirit to see them. We are friends that don't get to see each other enough. On top of getting to see them, Belinda brought pie. PIE ... sugar free pie ... PIE. How cool was that? I was so pleased to be able to sit with them and learn together and then later, on the phone, debrief from the day. It's was wonderful.

Oh, what a day I've had.

For three hours, the three just past, we've been visiting with Mike, Marissa, Ruby and Sadie. We've played, 'Chair of Death', we've had a pillow fight, we've done trampoline. Ruby is the easiest kid to make laugh and she laughs with complete abandon. It's amazing how exhausting and exhilarating that can be. Sadie is growing up quickly and is very much following in her sister's shoes. She makes shy at first (which I like, it's a safety thing) and then, deciding I'm OK she runs up and hugs me spontaneously.

Oh, what a day I've had.

The room is now quiet, Joe has just put a piece of pie in front of me


Anonymous said...

Dear Dave,

oh what a wonderful day, tuck in the pie and enjoy it.

When I have days like this, I feel that life is really worth living.

Julia from Germany

theknapper said...

Can't wait for the next Ruby story.

Belinda said...

"Chair of Death???" You must explain! :)

It was indeed amazing training. The concept of "stress inoculation," which I used years ago to get over a personal hang up (no pun intended) with calling people on the phone, was fascinating to hear explained. I want to do more research on that powerful tool.

The day left us with great tools to take back and put to great use and it was exhilarating sitting next to someone whose mind was connecting dots and asking stimulating questions that pulled more from Dr. Lindsay.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Belinda, as I mentioned in the training, 'stress innoculation' was what I used to defeat my anxiety with public speaking, it's a powerful, powerful, tool. I'm glad you liked the training too, he did a terrific job.

Shan said...

PIE makes all things right and good.