Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blog Business (Todays Post Next But One)

Some of you who comment are wondering about the new comment moderation on the blog. I've been threatened by a cyber bully who, early one morning, started posting horrid comments aimed at me and and various of you. I'll let any comment, pretty much, publish, but not random hatefulness. I caught this just moments after it started to happen. Nipped it in the bud. So, for the next while, I'm moderating the comments. Sorry for the inconvenience but hopefully she'll go away after a few frustrated tries.


Nathan Dawthorne said...

I can't even possibly fathom what hate mail you and some of us could get... other that maybe homophobic stuff?? Are there really people online who would attack people with disabilities? Sad sad world we live in.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Oddly Nathan, I'm not loved by all!! I'm OK with personal attacks ... I am NOT OK with random purposeless attacks on others. I really don't like censoring the blog this way. I've only had to do it once before over a really controversial post that went viral and got vicious. So, as soon as even possible, I'll remove the block.

Walrilla said...

Sorry you had to do this, Dave. We support you.

Sher said...

Sometimes people do what they do, simply because they can. It's very sad and I'm sorry if it takes extra time for you to deal with it. Have a glorious day!

kitten said...

my mama always said "beauty is skin deep but ugly goes clear to the bone". and she was NOT talking about physical appearance at all.

ugly behavior can happen anywhere. although i understand it can happen anywhere (for goodness' sake, i once had an attractive photo of *me* attacked on my now defunct site) its still sad that some people feel they have to attack at all.

hopefully it will all blow over soon, dave.

Kasie said...

Thank you for slaying "the troll" for us Dave!!
You're still our hero!


Anonymous said...

Dear Dave,

I think you did exactly the right thing.

And it is no inconvinience to wait till you looked over what I want to blog if I comment anonymus.

You did the right thing and it earns respect. You now have to do more work by reviewing the comments before you get published.

I only commented to a blog once in a very angry way, because the blogger was saying so stupid and clicheéd things.

I think it would have been good if somenone had stopped me by then. I noticed that the blogger was simply very uninformed and unaducated.

Keep one the good work
Julia from Germany

Lilly said...

Its easy to be hateful when one is sitting behind keyboard. Lots of people say things that way they wouldn't have the guts to say to someone's face

Trolling like that only means we are a well spoken powerful group
ROCK ON Sensible People!!