Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Teacher Appears

Just a brief note today.

I've just arrived in Ottawa to work with an organization over the weekend. It had been a quiet drive from Toronto where I'd given an all day lecture as an inservice for a group of agency staff. They were a 'hot' audience and I found myself really rising the the challenge of their attention. Speakers like to feel that they are being heard when they speak, this audience gave me that - wholeheartedly.

Afterwards a young woman came up to me and waited quietly as others spoke to me. When it was her turn she said, 'I'm not to big to admit that I need to change. I heard what you said and I realize I can do better. I thank you for challenging me to think and to change.' She spoke quietly and with determination. We shook hands. I thanked her for her courage to think and rethink her approaches. And she was gone.

But her words rang in my heart. I love people who are willing to be challenged to think and to change. I love people who are willing to let themselves have a moments self evaluation, people who do not fear self evaluation. I learned a lot about that woman in those few minutes ...

she has a heart that works

she has a head that works,

she has the most important ability that a human has - the ability to learn and to grow.

There are moments that matter. To me this was one of those moments. Her voice stayed with me for several hours afterwards.

I want to be like her.


I want my heart, my head to have constant chats. I want to see the need to change as a promise to the future rather than an apology to the past. I want to be able to say, at the end of every day, I listened, I learned, I allowed myself to grow.

She may have thought that she was thanking me ... but, no ... she was teaching me. By example. With grace.

I learned.


The Untoward Lady said...

A promise to the future rather than an apology to the past. I like that, that really resonates with me.

Maddie's mommy said...

Hi Dave,

I read your blog every morning, but have never made a comment. I have had lots of thoughts, but didn't realize it would actually matter to you if I shared them or not. THANK YOU for being brave enough to be vulnerable enough to share how you felt.

Please keep talking, writing, teaching and sharing. The more we all do this the faster our world will change into what it needs to become.

Take Care,


Brenda said...

I wonder, sometimes, how often these gentle teachers cross our paths. I also wonder how often we miss their message. Good on you for catching this one, and for inspiring me to remember to pay attention. We never know when, or where, our next lesson will arive.

Belinda said...

What a powerful reminder to listen well and with humility.

i. said...

Thanks, Dave.
I read your posts as often as I can and they almost always challenge me to learn and to grow.

Thanks you for your stories and I look forward to many more!

ps. I was wondering what your talk was about?

theknapper said...

There's a book here.....Daveisms.....those lovely quotes that resonate with so many of us....with simple drawings...something to pick up when we need abit of inspiration.