Tuesday, October 19, 2010


We went to see Jackass in 3D. You haven't lived until you've seen poop in 3D! The movie, for those who don't know, is simply a bunch of outrageous stunts as performed by a group of 'men' who just won't grow up. It's wildly funny. Completely profane. And funny. Really, really funny. Occasionally it's so gross that viewers have to work hard to swallow down surging vomit at the back of the throat. Simply to say, great time for a guy.

Johnny Knoxville a while back made a YouTube video with Edward Barbanell, an actor with Down Syndrome, regarding the 'r' word. Knoxville, who has young fans all over the world, had the courage to state outright that he would never use that word. He makes it clear that Edward, with whom he co-starred in 'the Ringer', was a friend of his and that hateful words referring to disability would hurt someone he cared about. Courage to fly against the wind might be Knoxville's best stunt.

If you go to the movie stay through the credits at the end. Barbanell makes an appearance to announce a stunt by saying that they were 'going to do some stupid shit with a plunger'. I near cheered. There he was right along with the guys being part of silliness.

It's rare to see a celebrity take a personal stance that involved changing behaviour not simply 'raising awareness' or 'giving money'. It's rare to see a celebrity defy the mores of his time and his culture in deference to the wishes of a friend. It's rare to see character. Particularly character from someone who makes a movie that delights in poop humour.

Johnny Knoxville, good on you.

I couldn't watch all of the film.

But I wasn't afraid to listen to it.


Heather said...

I can't stand Jackass personally but I know where you're coming from.
What a shame that his attitude stands out. Bring on the day when it's the norm to see disabled actors on screen without making an issue of the disability or drawing attention to it in any way.
Vive la difference.

Yey him.

Anonymous said...

I must admit, I am not a jackass fan. I think you are right it is a guy thing. But reading your post, I remembered watching 'the Ringer". I was home one Saturday afternoon and it was the only thing on tv. I remember thinking that this was going to be so bad, I hate when these kinds of movies are made, I hate people being made fun of for thier differences. But I must admit I was very surprised. The guys playing the special olympians were hilarous and totally rocked that movie. The story wasn't rude and obnoxious and I really enjoyed it. I didn't know that Knoxville had promised not to use the "R" word so I must say I am very impressed. I am not so impressed that I would pay to see Jackass 3D, mind you, but impressed nonetheless!

Have a great day Dave!

Anonymous said...

I think Jack Ass is as gross as it gets and stupid beyond belief, however I like knowing that when my young friends rent it, I will not have to worry about the word. I too am very impressed that Johnny Knox is sticking to his convictions and not taking the easy way out by using the word..woohoo!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Johnny Knox...my hat goes on to him with hoping and continued support this may hopefully become the norm...NO MORE "R" WORD

Tracy said...

OMG Dave! My hubs and I finally had a datenight without any kids. There was one point, with the saran wrapped guy (Don't want to give it away!) that I buried my face in the hubs' shoulder because I knew what was coming. Even so, I was one of many that I could hear retching! I'm so glad the popcorn didn't come back up. I have to agree, it was a really fun bit of grossness!