Tuesday, February 23, 2010


There's a dark cloud hanging over our house. We were out in the snow and I had just turned to come into the apartment. Suddenly I was looking at the ceiling. The back left tire of my chair had twisted back. I struggled out of the chair and we got it parked in place.

I struggled to keep from crying. I love that chair, I love the freedom it offers me, I love how I feel about myself in it. Suddenly, it's laying there wounded. I called a wheelchair repair company who said, 'It's snowing.' Um yeah. So they told me they could maybe come and look at it on Friday.


I booked the appointment.

I found another company, located nearer downtown and called them. They were quite mercenary asking who'd be paying for the repair, if I was on disability, I told them that I wasn't on disability and would be paying, then they said, it will cost 82$ to come to look at it and then all repairs will be on top of that. OK. They can come tomorrow, so I booked that. Then, I had organize with her how the money would exchange hands. OK. I get that they are making a living. It woulda been nice, though, if I felt even the slightest degree of compassion for having my chair break and for what that means.

So, first thing tomorrow Henry will be at the doctors and I hope and pray that he doesn't need major work. Really hope and pray.

I've got that back up scooter so I'm not sweating, but man, oh man, I love that wheelchair.

But the silver lining. Thank heaven's this happened on my way in to the apartment. Thank heaven's we weren't still across town and motoring around.

But that ain't much lining and that cloud seems awfully dark right now.


Tamara said...

I'll be praying for Henry - and the wheelchair repair companies. If I knew how to repair wheelchairs, I'd head your way. Sounds like the competition up there would be easy to beat ...

wendy said...

I'm sorry your beloved Henry is "in the shop". Here's hoping the "grease guns for hire" get him back on his wheels again in short order!

OhWheely . . said...

I just got back from a week without my Percy.
I feel for you.

Anonymous said...

best wishes for Henry

Anonymous said...

Best luck with Henry. I know how I felt when the frame of my wheelchair broke. Thank goodness the broken piece apparently held in place all day at work, and came apart when I got out to put the chair into the car. I had to miss work until it could be fixed.


Andrea S. said...

Let us know how it goes with "Henry."

I wish they could have been more empathic. It's not just an annoyance to lose a wheelchair (even temporarily), like it would be to lose access to your car. It's more like, if the only door to your house got stuck closed while you were still inside. Or depending on how much a person depends on their wheelchair to get around, as if you were tied to your bed.

I'm glad that at least you have some sort of backup arranagement.