Monday, February 08, 2010

A Baby Visits

Out of the blue, last night, we got a call. Mike was on his way through the city and was coming down to pick up Marissa and the kids from her brother's place near us. He was wondering if they could drop by for a quick visit before heading back home to Ottawa. We were just back from Edmonton, ourselves, and were lounging around in our house coats but we said, immediately, 'Of course, come by.' It's nice having people in your life that you don't have to clean for or dress for. People that you can just move the newspaper from the chair and they feel welcomed by the gesture.

The only thing we needed to do, because we hadn't cause to yet, was move the power chair and power scooter back into their places behind the couch and out of the hallway. They arrived without Ruby as she was with her Aunt just east of the city. Sadie was up and looking around and for the most part quiet. She's been a bit cholicky and thus difficult to settle.

I was sitting on the couch, so Mike plopped Sadie down on my stomach, I held her back so she was able to sit up. She doesn't like being cradled or coddled. She likes to be sitting up and to be engaged with the world. She swung her head around and took a real good look at me. She hasn't developed a sense of us as regular people in her lives because our visits are still a bit too far apart for her to make the connections that allow for continuity. So she looked at me like she was looking at me for the first time.

I had a sudden urge to cough and before I could stifle it, I did. My stomach jumped with a tad bit of force as I coughed. I had a good hold of her so she was never in any danger of falling. But it startled me anyways. But Sadie ... laughed.

A big 5 month old baby laugh. She'd enjoyed the ride.

Sometimes my big ol' tummy seems to be in the way.

But sometimes it has it's purpose.

Like everything God, and a piece of pizza too many, made.


Unknown said...

Great story! There is nothing like a good baby laugh, especially a toothless one. I was always surprised at the things that made my babies laugh - one of them thought sneezes were the funniest thing ever, even his own!

Unknown said...

Love it! And a good reminder that sometimes the things we don't much like about ourselves, are often the very things that endear us to others. Hubby and I could never be accused of being 'skinny', but to one dear niece hubs is known - very affectionately - as 'Uncle Squishy'. And a good friend of one of my children once told me, "I like hugging you 'cause you're not bony like my mom. You're...fluffy!"

Kristin said...

Oh, what a sweet story! Thanks for the reminder to appreciate all the little things.

Ashley's Mom said...

My daughter has always liked 'fluffy' people also - thank goodness for that since I am one of the fluffies!

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

I love it! A belly laugh on a belly... I can't believe Sadie is already five months old!