Friday, December 25, 2009

Holy Night

I love getting up in the wee hours of Christmas morning. I am an early bird after all, but more than that there is something very different about this morning. It's as if a deep, deep, quiet descends on the streets. We have lived in the country and now we live in the middle of a huge city, but it's the same. Quiet.

It's almost like the earth, having got it's noisy tenants finally to quiet down, has an opportunity to worship. Just sitting listening to that quiet after the weeks of scramble and the weeks of busyness, there is just a hint of the deeper meaning of Christmas.

I'm not one to complain about the commercialism of Christmas, I have always believed that everyone celebrates the Christmas of their own making. Joe and I participate in the shopping and the 'do you think she will like this' agonizing. But we also participate in the worshipfulness called for - the mere idea of a powerful God becoming a vulnerable child - astonshes. I am not an Onward Christian Soldier - my God does not wear camo.

So in a few minutes, I will go back to bed. I used to pray during this quiet time but I stopped that a few years ago. I kinda felt like one of those annoying students who showed up early to class to corner time alone with the teacher. It was quiet for heaven sake, given the state of the world, I thought, God could do with a few moments silence. So instead I sit with him. And let my presence thank Him for his company through another year, his support over the months, his daily walk with me.

Silent night.


Manuela said...

Bless the silence, its almost like prep for the day to come. Perhaps thats why I too am an early riser. Its like a gift just for me. I see you have shared another gift this morning, a new look to the blog. Its beautiful. A very happy, merry, wonderful Christmas to you and Joe and to all your readers from around the world.

Belinda said...

God bless you on this day and always...and the other Rollers too. :)

imfunnytoo said...

Peace this season :)

Sumithra said...

Merry Christmas to you and Joe.