Sunday, November 15, 2009

CP - Cocky and Proud

Does anyone out there know someone young?


Joe and I were turning into a disabled parking bay at Tescos yesterday, we had to pause as a guy with cerebral palsy was walking by. He wore a black tee shirt that had the oddest, coolest, graphic on the back. I only got a glimpse of it. There were two figures, I couldn't even identify genders, fighting each other. Both had crutches that they were using like samurai swords. So, who are these crippled avengers, these hobbled heroes, these mighty gimps? It was a mass produced tee shirt, of that I'm certain.

And how freaking outrageously cool of this guy to wear it. Talk about identity politics, talk about in your face disability pride, talk about being 'out'. I love that kind of stuff. I love the discovery that shame when confronted, when pressed, becomes pride.

So, someone, please.

I don't even know how to search for this on google.

Here in Scotland, where we are driving from Aberdeen to Inverness today, on a gray and rainy day ... if you are stuck in, bored and wanting something to do ... go find me HANDI-MAN.


theknapper said...


theknapper said...

you can also get fridge magnets

Susan said...

Okay, Dave. I'm not "young", well, not any younger than you are, but I did come up with a few sites. Not the particular shirt you wanted though. Here goes:

Some of these are pretty funny! Like, "I'm only in it for the parking"; or "I'm not disabled, I just like wheelchairs." and then there's a few I can't repeat...

But I really think it's time you learned to do this yourself. Remember when you didn't know one end of a blog from another? It wasn't that long ago, and now you're the blog-king. So here goes.

Go to Up will pop a page with a blank spot in it for the things you want to search for. If nothing comes up the first time that rings your chimes, try altering the words a bit... like "wheelchair humour, t-shirt" to "disability humour clothing", that sort of thing.

And if you have any trouble, you can always email the blog princess. :)

Now you'll have something to do on your next day off. :) Blessings over there across the pond!

Kristin said...

Here are some cool t-shirts on zazzle. I tried every search term I could think of and that's all I could find.