Monday, November 02, 2009

An Author Bewitches

Sometimes my email can be frightening. As an example, I openned my email to find that the Wicked Witch had paid me a late Hallowe'en visit. But no matter how much she tries, I'm afraid I'm just not tempted by Apple. Guess that means I'm safe for now.

The other piece of email I recieved was from Patricia Wood, the author of 'The Lottery' which readers know is next in line for Rolling Around in My Head's book club. A lot of you have signed up and I'd like to formally encourage a lot more of you to consider doing so. You've got until January to read the book so it shouldn't have to be a hurried read.

Wondering why I'm giving an unprecidented 'second call' to the book club? Well, it turns out, that Patricia has agreed to come here and write a few paragraphs about the book and her depiction of Perry the main character. I was struck, when reading the book, about how honestly she presented the story. I told Ms Wood this and she wrote to me with real passion about people with disabilities in literature. It's something not to miss.

Apparently one of you, dear and gentle readers, sent the link to Ms Wood from Rolling Around in My Head and thus a connection was made. I truly thank whoever it was for thinking of contacting the author herself. If you remember we were graced by Mary Doria Russell in our discussion of Thread of Grace. I was thrilled then, I'm thrilled again now.

Back to regular blogs tomorrow where I'll answer the question, 'What does driving along the Thames have to do with vacuuming a hallway?'

Ta Rah.


kstableford said...

Is that Ruby? Too cute!

Kristin said...

What an adorable witch.

I think it is terribly exciting that you are going to have Patricia Wood participate in the book review. How fun. BTW, I just finished reading The Lottery and it is a phenomenal book.

Gary Miller said...

"Ta Rah"???

My, you really have picked up one of our quaint little expressions, haven't you?

Next thing you know, you'll be coming out with things like: "See you later, old bean."; "Fancy another chukker Tarquin old chap?" and having afternoon tea with toasted crumpets!

Seriously though, I hope you guys have a wonderful stay over here and meet some really nice people.

Are you coming up to Scotland by any chance? If so, could you please let me know your itinerary? I'd really like to come and hear you talk and, hopefully, meet you.

Cheers old thing! (Trust me, 'old thing' is not an insult when used in this context!)

Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Visiting from DragonDreamer's Lair and so nice to meet you!
Great Witch picture and the book club sounds intriguing, I will have to check it out.

Tamara said...

What do we need to do to be "in" for the book club? My copy arrived last Friday.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Tamara, just read the book by January, when i call a date, then come on and leave comments and have conversations with others.

theknapper said...

I want to reread it & participate. Would love to hear from the author!!!

I'm just listenning to a book I picked up at the library called "When Madeline was young" by Jane Hamilton.
Have just started it. The main character who is a young boy who discovers his big sister is really his father's first wife who had an accident which left her with brain damage.The father and 2nd wife are taking care of her.
Interesting premis. Not sure how it will unfold.
Jane Hamilton also wrote The Book of Ruth.
Would like to hear about other novels that write about disability.