Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stink In Pink

Well, this day took it's time in coming.

As of the end of the lecture day yesterday in mid-town Manhattan, I was officially on vacation. It was hard to feel celebratory when we had to drive 10 hours home. We got in the car stopping only twice, once for gas, once to remedy low blood sugar. We finally got home at about 1 in the morning, tired, wired and restless. An hour or so later we finally hit the hay.

I woke up only a couple of minutes ago and sat down to write the blog for the day. So forgive the late post, I try to be predictable.

The Post, Written With Bleary Eyes

On Monday after leaving the lecture site we rode the elevator down and stopped twice. The first time a woman got on, pleasingly plump in a nice pink suit. She brushed up against my chair because she was talking on the phone and not paying attention. She got very upset that she might have got wheelchair dust on her dress and spent the ride down muttering about how we should be on the freight elevator. I said nothing, I figure, she wasn't worth the effort.

Once in the lobby, you go through the gold door with Buddy, the wheelchair guy, on it. Then it's down a hallway and out onto a loading dock where manly men throw stuff around, stack stuff up, and delight each other with fine converations like 'suck my dick' and 'fuck you, you know, fuck you'. In order to get onto the ramp, one of these guys has to break away from the herd and pull open a large, heavy looking gate.

We waited for one of them to notice us, and when one did, he took a huge pull on his cigarette and called to us, 'Just a minute I'll get that for ya'. He came over and had to move a huge oxygen tank out of the way. He put his hand with the cigarette on top of the tank and then tipped it and began to roll it. Now I'm no health and safety guy but I'm guessing that's a frigging treacherous way to move oxygen. I joked, 'I hope that isn't explosive.' He said, 'Yeah, it's oxygen, I figure it blows up at least I get off early.'

Then he openned the gate and we started through, Joe said, 'Thanks.' He stopped and looked at us for a second and said, 'No, man, it's ok. It's nice to do something that matters every now and then.' Before we responded, he was hailed back to work, and he responded, 'I'm fucking coming alright, hold on to your nuts.'

We were off.

It's amazing who's gentle.

It's amazing who's not.

So, I guess, you can't hide goodness under grease and torn overalls and you can't dress shit up in a pleasingly pink suit. A lesson I keep learning.


Anonymous said...

Dave-I think that is a lesson we all keep learning=) As long as we are still learning it then there must be a few good people left. I must admit your last paragraph made me chuckle. I know it is an odd sense of humor I have=)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Very true and the delivery is magnificent! I laughed until I cried.

MPjane said...

Thanks Dave. I could not stop myself from laughing when I read the last paragraph either.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the chuckle to start my day, and the reminder not to judge the book by the cover.

Kristin said...

I think that is a lesson we all need to remind ourselves of.

Unknown said...

Great post and I agree, the last paragraph summarized the whole situation nicely =). I also wanted to add that I found this blog from a link on and after reading through quite a few posts, I must say I have enjoyed reading about your experiences and those of your friends. Your posts are insightful and create teachable moments for your readers (though I'm sure you're aware of that).

CJ said...

Goodness and kindness can never be hidden.

astruc said...

Sometimes the kindness AND the foul mouth come wrapped up in the pink suit. That's the best thing about NYC.

Unknown said...

Brilliant :)

Shan said...