Friday, July 17, 2009

A Gift From a Reader

Gentle Readers:

A couple days ago a reader, Eileen, wrote and told me that she enjoyed this blog and that it had her rethinking a lot of what she believed about disabled people and life in general. She sent me a poem inspired by a couple of phrases I'd written here. I found myself in love with the poem and asked her permissiion to put it on the blog. It says so much. Note that the poem is copyrighted in her name ...


For fear of poison
Apple wasn’t bitten
Love never found

For fear of flying
Home wasn’t left
Adventure never happened

For fear of rejection
Feelings weren’t shared
Connections never made

For fear of crashing
Wings weren’t tested
Heights never reached

For fear of change
Decisions weren’t made
Opportunities never created

For fear of pain
Hurts weren’t chanced
Healing never happened

For fear of death
Risks weren’t taken
Life never lived

All rights reserved 2009 Eileen Rosensteel


Gina said...


Unknown said...

Love it!
Thanks Eileen for writing and Dave for sharing.

Manuela said...

That is very powerful. I would love to share it will all Vita staff. Dave can we send it to them or a note asking them to check out your blog today?
Please thank Eileen for sharing it through your blog. Really gets you thinking.

Belinda said...

Ohh, what a sad poem, but, I think, one that will bear much fruit. Every one of us will be challanged to greater courage by it. Thank you Eileen.

CJ said...

Thank you Eileen!