Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Credit Where Credit is Due

A few days ago I wrote about ahotel room that Joe and I stayed in while teaching summer school up in Barrie. The point of the post was that this new hotel had it all regarding accessibility. They even had accessible curtain pulls, which were longer than normal Marriott pulls and they were rounded for easy grip. Very, very cool.

Something even cooler happened upon check out. I was talking with the front desk clerk and the General Manager and saying that I appreciated how accessible my room was. We got into a lively conversation because, as it turns out, the issue of accessibility was raised several times by staff of the new hotel. The General Manager said that they were having trouble arranging the kitchenette in the room so that it was all easily accessible.

"Finally," he said, "it was the women from housekeeping who came up with a plan for the room which seemed to work the best."

I was amazed that accessibility was such a big issue in Gravenhurst! That staff gathered and talked and strategized to make things work. That management listened to their staff and adopted their ideas. That credit was given to those who did the work. Good management practice and good customer care - I think this hotel should do well.

Several people asked me to name the hotel so I did a simple click on the link in the first paragraph will take you to a page describing the new property.


tekeal said...

always nice to hear of good stuff happening so close to where i grew up (in huntsville), especially when i'm living so far away (in switzerland). take care...

CJ said...

Wonderful things can happen when people work together like they should.