Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I don't think I really noticed before I got my very own blue badge how many people park illegally in the disabled parking spots. I've found myself now incredibly vigilant about it, not only do I check every car in those spots to see if they've got the badge, I also watch people get in and out to see if they have a disability. (Please don't give me a thousand comments about those with invisible disabilities ... I know that there are disabilities that aren't immediately evident.) So, with my little fixation, I was pleased to get this in my email from a friend who thought I'd enjoy it. I thought it was funny, I'm running late this morning so I thought I'd use it as my post today.


You are parked in a space clearly designated for disabled persons. Please circle the statement which best describes your disability:

1 - I am, simply, an asshole.

2 - I suffer from terminal laziness.

3 - I have My Needs Are Greater Than Yours Disorder.

4 - My inner child was bugging me for ice cream.

5 - My shoes are too expensive to walk in.

6 - Wheelchair symbol? I thought it was a rocking chair!

7 - My religion forbids acts of common courtesy.

8 - I ignore OTHER laws, why not this one?

9 -I AM disabled... by a painfully swollen ego.

10 - My heart is just two sizes two small.


Anonymous said...

Oh Dave!
I am so gonna print this, but I know not all my staff will put in on their windshield if I ask! but a few will!
I also like the signs that say:
Many of those who used to park here illegally, now do so legally, Is fate trying to tell you something?

Have a good day!

Ettina said...

I don't like the ADD one. You shouldn't make fun of ADHDers.

Dave Hingsburger said...

You are absolutely right ettina, as I stated I put this on quickly this morning because of a rush ... I should have been more careful. I've changed that one so it no longer appears. Thanks for catching that ....

Susan said...

I pulled up to a parking spot once with a van full of people, two with significant disabilities. There was no place else to park, so I pulled right up behind the guy who had no sticker and no right to be there. I got out to ask him politely and patiently if he would please move because the spot is now needed for people who actually have a disability (I was so ready to be nice about it!) and he backed right up into my van. He would not listen to me at all. If only he had waited long enough, he would have seen how nice I wanted to be about it. But instead he scared the heck out of me and far worse, he upset the people I was supporting - those who the space rightfully belonged to... Sheesh.

Afterwards I thought about what I SHOULD have said and by then it was more along the lines of your post today!

Kathryn said...

OMG! I love this!!!! Love it. I want to put it on little laminated cards and put it on the cars without the placards.

Another thing that is just so freaking wrong, annoying and another symptom of disabilism is when people put their shopping carts in the disabled spaces - because you know there are no disabled shoppers that go to that store and if there are, wheelchair or no they can just hop out and move em - right!? sorry for the sarcasm - I just hate that - it's so blatent. I took a picture of the carts in the disabled spaces at Lowes in my town because this happens there a lot and have tried twice to see the manager who can't seem to come and up and talk to me about it in under 30 minutes - so I have had to leave because of time pressures. This weekend I am going to camp out there until someone will talk to me! These things make me so mad. Thanks for sharing this!

FridaWrites said...

I have seen some people recently who clearly weren't even invisibly disabled--one woman actually running to her car with 4 kids in tow, all running too. Another vehicle parked there held someone waiting (sans tag) for an employee. Another huge SUV with no tag or plate. 4 cars at Target in the 4 spaces, and we were the only legal ones. And with a store that big and crowded that day, I'm sure we weren't the only ones needing a place.

That doesn't stop people from being hostile to us all the time for using disability parking, even then--people have their stereotypes about age and appearance, and my wheels are in the back.

When I don't need disability parking, I definitely don't use it.

Anonymous said...

We have pulled into a handicapped space--with our sticker and our son who needs it--only to be yelled at by two 50ish ladies with a bad knee. Apparently our family doesn't seem old enough to qualify for having a disabled family member.
I've seen people far less needing of a handicapped placard coming out of those spaces.
Jacob's mom