Friday, June 20, 2008

Joe's Feeling Whiny

We got home late last night from Joseph's graduation. Now we've got to rush over and get an early start with getting set up for the conference today. I've two blogs I want to write. But I want to write them not in a rush, not having just woke up and not while thinking of other things more important.

And definately not with Joe packing things muttering, "Couldn't leave the blog for one day, no, but it's OK I'll do EVERYTHING in getting us ready."

So, if you are craving a hit of hingsburger, I wrote a blog yesterday which you may not have seen because it's on OUCH the BBC disability website. So scroll down the side of my page and you will find their web address. Once you get to the page look over to the blog section and click on 'Getting Disability Wrong' ... that would be my snappy title for my snappy blog.

"I'll take this luggage down to the car and you better have your butt in the shower when I get back, we don't want to be late ..." (Joe again.)

See you all tomorrow!


rickismom said...

You're forgiven. After all, Joe is right!

rickismom said...

So I read your blog at ouch. And OK, I'm not disabled (though I experience discrimination as a fat lady and deal with discrimination and infringements of my daughter's rights. [I'm the "crazy lady" from (my town)]. But you are 100% right.
First, if a person is ALWAYS looking for a fight, bitching about life... well, they aren't pleasant to be around. If I can help with something, or someone wants to let off steam, fine. But friends need to be more than that.
Secondly, it is very necessary to build and keep our own self image. I could easily define myself as others see me. That would be a tragedy.

All 4 My Gals said...

Glad to know that you guys are normal. Good luck at the conference. I can not wait until the day that I can attend!

Susan said...

Tommorrow it is! :o)

Shan said...

Good luck at the conference today.

Say hi to Joe for me...I'm always the one running around thinking (though not saying), "Oh yeah, I'll do everything, don't worry - wouldn't want to LIFT A FINGER or anything, would we?"

Dave Hingsburger said...

Shannon, trust me after 39 years you WON'T be saying it just in your head. Really. Trust me.