Sunday, June 01, 2008


5 Things I Laughed at This Week ....

An incredibly tense discussion with Joe, while watching the weather channel, about the difference between cloudy breaks and sunny periods.

The smoothness with which an elderly couple ate a meal together in a restaurant on the road to Nashville, each eating favourites from each other's plate as well as their own - all without a word spoken.

Having a guy in a disabled stall yell out, "are you in a wheelchair?" and when hearing me say 'yeah' listening to him say, "Well, I'll just hurry up my shit and get out of here for you" - charmed, I'm sure.

Listening to a kid with autism tell me a joke about a fishing rod and a cat, I didn't get the joke, but he had such an intensity in telling it that it didn't matter.

The sadness in Joe's voice when he filled a perscription for a diuretic as he said, "An end of an era, no more tan pants."

5 Things I Enjoyed This Week ...

Seeing Joe come home from grocery shopping yesterday with the makings for a sugar free banana cream pie.

Getting a note that began, "Uncle Dave ..."

Writing a note to a co-worker about an important thing going on at work, feeling that even though I'm away, I'm still part of what's happening.

Finding Bentley's Green Tea at the Duty Free on the way home.

The feel of wind through my hair as I flew down a long ramp at the Opryland mall.

5 Things I'm Looking Forward To ...

It finally warming up in Ontario, the furnace is on this morning.

Talking to Ruby on the phone and hearing her say, Pizza! ... one of her few really clear words.

Getting my wheelchair oiled.

Moving back to Toronto and being able to order in Chinese food from the Garlic Pepper again.

Sleeping another night in my own bed.

5 Things that Give Me Hope ...

Psalm 68.6

The one legged bird who fights off all the other birds at the feeder.


An email from a friend who's weathered a storm.



Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Dave and Joe. Its great to have you back. I loved your post this morning - found myself making my own list. Thanks for the inspiration. But you know I'm going to be watching what colour pants Joe will be wearing this week! Sorry Joe. MDN

Shan said...

Ha ha, I liked this.

Premee said...

I liked this too - I think I shall steal it for my own blog! There's so much negativity around that I think I will really have to stretch myself to think of five positive things in each category. But that's never a bad thing.

Tammy said...

Wonderful, positive post. Thank you for sharing with us.