Thursday, June 07, 2007

Go Ahead ...

"deaf kitty and fat man"

"fat sex"

"prostitute bars in manchester"

"deviant shoes"

One of the cool things about having a site monitor is that you can keep tabs on your blog at the push of a button. It's only recently I discovered that you could check out how people found your blog by clicking on 'referrals'. It's interesting to see what other blogs are linked - but it's even more interesting to see when the blog was hit due to a google search. The full search comes up.

Today, someone was searching "deaf kitty and fat man" and my blog came up as containing all those words. The other searches above have appeared, some more than once. I wonder what readers who are looking for "deviant shoes" think when they start reading "CTF" and discover that there are no shoes, little deviance but a lot of difference. (Deviant Shoes, if you are back and reading this, I wear Birkenstocks, sorry - but there is someone I could introduce you to ....)

Do they turn tail and run or do they stay and read a little bit. I hope that they are accidental visitors who read something that makes them pause a little bit in their day - before clicking on in search of their holy grail. I hope that they find something here they like. Something to think about.

Even if the conversation at work the next day is ...

"You know, I was searching for 'transvestite rent boys' on the web and I came across this site written by a fat guy in a wheelchair. Man I didn't even know that cripples could type ... but he had something to say."

That would make my day.


Anonymous said...

Dave- you crack me up - and I come back and check your page nearly every day for your writings-you are insightful and funny and a great read. I take allot away from your blog. Keep it up and thanks!! :)

lina said...

you've got me hooked, keep up the writing even though you do mention birkenstocks a bit too often (I think there is a cream for that!)LOL!!!

All 4 My Gals said...

hee hee hee. You can imagine what google searches I have seen with my title of all 4 my gals. Men looking for four girls. LOL

Anonymous said...

There are evidently a lot of people who come to Lady Bracknell's blog with similarly laughable search terms, and she comments on them from time to time:

I, alas, never seem to solicit similarly dubious search terms. All the people who come to MY blog seem to be looking for really boring things. (Or, okay, some of them are controversial, at least in the Deaf community, but none are quite as, erm, COLORFUL ... :-) )

Heavy Load said...

Hi Dave
I thought you might like to know about a campaign that we've started in the UK. We're a punk band, 3 of us have got learning disabilities. We're tired of our fans going home early because thier staff (on unflexible shift patterns) drag them off home at 9pm.
Our campaign is called Stay Up Late ( and seeks to challenge this.
Already we've been to parliament about it and are trying to get as many people as possible aware of this basic bit of 'unjustness'.
"We want to stay up late we want to have some fun"
Heavy Load