Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Funny HAHA

"That was not funny!" she glared at me.

"What," I asked astonished that she was speaking to me. The only thing we had in common is that we were sitting in the same bar. Joe was having a beer and I was quietly sipping on a tea. The bar television was playing some sports game with the volume up. Sports bore me. I glanced at it every now and then during the commercials.

One commerical caught my eye. It was for the 'reality series' "last comic standing." I like the show, I don't see it as the 'eat fried worms to win a million' kind of reality show, it's more of a plain old talent contest. Besides they've had fat comics, disabled comics, hell they've even had white comics. It's fun. So I pricked up my ears to hear more about when it started.

They were saying that they were touring the world to find comics this year and then showed an Auzzie delivering the joke, "The doctors said my friend was unstable. They think he needs psychiatric help, I think he's unstable because he's got only one leg."

I belted out a laugh. That, to me, was funny.

The woman at the bar swung her chair around, saw me sitting in my wheelchair and told me that it wasn't funny. That comics shouldn't make fun of crippled people. This woman was giving me a lecture on disability humour and she used the word 'crippled'!

I was calm, "First, the word is disabled, not crippled, and that joke was just funny."

She shook her head sadly and told me that I was obviously a self loathing kind of cripple if I found anti-cripple humour funny.

I gritted my teeth, "The word is disabled, not crippled. And it WAS funny."

"I have a friend," she said, "In a wheelchair and he uses the word cripple all the time. He says that using the word takes it's power away."

"Umm, lady, he can say it, I can say it, but you can't. AND the joke was funny."

She shook her head sadly at me then swung her chair back having finished with me.

I rolled up to get back in view, "I don't need your permission or the permission of any frigging (that's not the word I used) walkee to laugh at a joke."


I'm still upset. Not that we disagreed on the humour but that we had the converrsation at all. Who did she think she was, telling me what I could laugh at regarding disability humour.


And the joke was funny.


lina said...

Yup, that one was pretty funny, but not so funny - your encounter. That's actually one of my favourite shows too....and I know I should comment more on your experience, but asside from again being astonished at the world and the audacity of some people, I don't know what else to say!

Anonymous said...

Just think, if everyone was as accepting and open as those of us who read your blog, who would you have to educate? The world would be perfect; people with disabilities would receive the support that they want / need, and you'd be out of job!

Not only that, you'd lose inspiration for some of your best stories!

Keep up the good fight, and know that you are making a difference in the world.

Unknown said...


I just watched your Ethics of Touch video and I loved the Poem about "Paid Friends" you read. I tried to transcribe it, but just couldn't understand all of the words. I've googled the poet, and now I've googled you. Will you please share the words of this wonderful poem with us?


Anonymous said...

I think the joke was funny - stupid woman

Anonymous said...

Well, I think the joke is funny as well! But then, I've always loved puns. It's also an unexpected, and therefore fresh, pun and that makes it even funnier.

n. said...

i thought it was funny, same reason as andrea. double meanings of words, etc.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was funny, too, and I have one leg. Not that you need me to validate your sense of humor, but, you know, just in case you did want feedback from someone truly unstable (arguably in more ways than one), well, there you have some.

Wiggy said...

My favorite torturous humor: puns! Go Dave!

PS Just showed Ethics of Touch to new group of adult providers today. They loved it and want more. Go figger. Thinking of trying Undercover Dick.

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