Thursday, May 10, 2007


It's been in my head for days.

Ever since the conference in Vermont where I saw it. I think of it constantly because there are reminders. It was a tee shirt with a slogan on front. The slogan stays with me ... like a song I can't get out of my head. Things set it off.

There's a guy with a disability who works at the hotel I stayed at in Denver.

There's a woman with a disability who's taking care of child and family.

There's a group home for people with disabilties in my neighbourhood ... doors down from where I live.

I see the reclaiming of rights, reclaiming of society and reclaming of 'everyday life' by people constantly. I see the boldness in their eyes. I see the understanding of the importance of being out and being there. I see self advocacy in the very best sense.

Yes, people with disabilities are out and about, living community lives. It wasn't like that only short years ago. I went to a school as a child that had no kids with disabilities in attendance. I lived in a town where I never even saw a wheelchair. I watched television that excluded all put pretty white people.

Now they're here. Home.

And every time I see them, now, I think of the tee shirt I saw. It makes me smile and it makes me proud to be part of the movement ...



All 4 My Gals said...

Oh I can't wait until my girl can stand up for herself. I have no doubt that she will. In fact she has taken to being a bit surly with people rather than put up with their ignorance. She prefers boys...they don't baby her. I just pray that kids will actually take the time to see the real her. She's sassy and funny, and fun! And a GREAT friend!

Her t-shirt that I love says, "Okay, I'm perfect, now stop staring!" They had them at Target last summer and I had to get it for her...that's her nickname around here, "Perfect" in so many ways...when she's not being surly!

Anonymous said...

Dear Dave-great blog.Now,where can this 200+pounds,40 year old,blonde with blue eyes get one of those t-shirts?Oh yeah, not the one you saw Dave, but the one that belongs to Nicole's daughter-it would be "perfect" for me!Frances

Anonymous said...

I could not resist buying one of those shirts. :-)

Belinda said...

Speaking of t-shirts--Frances actually found the perfect t--shirt for someone whose support person she is. He's a teenager who has autism and the t-shirt is bright yellow. The message on the front of the t-shirt--in white letters, says--I ROCK. I love it. :)

Anonymous said...

That tee shirt ... I rock ... is only funny if he is in on the joke. If not it's mocking him and unkind.