Friday, May 18, 2007

I wonder

Does anyone else ever look at a bicycle seat and wonder how you ever sat on one?

Does anyone else ever turn off the news because it's just to upsetting?

Does anyone else ever flip to the weather channel because there's always something interesting on there?

Has anyone else ever given a compliment just to get one?

Has anyone else ever decided just not to decide on something?

Has anyone else ever bought penny candy and paid 5 dollars for it?

Can anyone else explain how people can be cruel to children and animals?

Can anyone else explain how racism is possible?

Can anyone else explain why God made sugar if it wasn't to eat?

Does anyone know why accessibility is such a big issue when it's a small thing?

Does anyone know how the government actually spends our money?

Does anyone know why itches shouldn't just always be scratched?

Has anyone ever found a missing sock?

Has anyone ever glanced in the window at night and screamed at their own reflection?

Has anyone ever woken up peeing in the fridge?

Can anyone explain why sitting in a wheelchair is different than standing on feet?

Can anyone explain why McDonald's hash browns taste so good?

Can anyone explain why airlines say, "You should now be seated comfortably in your seat"?

Does anyone ever have to do the math to figure out your own age?

Does anyone ever fart and not find it funny?

Does anyone ever pretend that you thought up an idea that you read somewhere else?

Has anyone ever found a quarter and not felt really really lucky?

Has anyone ever prayed for rain and got a tornado?

Has anyone ever given the 'right' answer with the 'wrong' attitude?

Can anyone have a bad day that's not made better by a fudgecicle?

Can anyone live within their dreams?

Can anyone actually love anyone else?

Does anyone really prefer television to the movies?

Does anyone really like lime green?

Does anyone ever really see heaven in a baby's smile?

Has anyone ever talked to a kid with Down Syndrome and felt wiser afterwards?

Has anyone ever imagined holding their bosses face under water in a fast flowing brook?

Has anyone told a white lie in order to keep the peace?

Can anyone actually make a world of difference?

Can anyone make it through without a broken arm or a broken heart?

Can anyone, just anyone, sit and wonder for an hour or so?


Belinda said...

You made me sigh, smile and laugh out loud...and wonder. But now I have to go to work! :)

Unknown said...

I can't answer most of those, but we have a friend who takes farting VERY seriously. He just does NOT see the humor. Talk about humor impaired....

Anonymous said...

"Has anyone ever woken up peeing in the fridge?"

Can't say as I know anyone who has, but I have woken up with crumbs of food on my face that I have no recollection of eating!

Thanks for making me wonder...

Have a great weekend!

n. said...

i really do like what my husband calls "psychodelic" lime green. so do both my mother and my mother-in-law.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

If you're serious about wanting to know what the government spends your money on, the full US federal budget is on the web for anyone who wants to look. I forget the URL (I did actually need to look at it for work a few weeks ago), but try going to and poking around.

lina said...

yes,yes -many times,no,yes -but I won't admit it, yes regularly, yes - don't tell Paul, no, no, no thank god for sugar twin, no, no, no, no, yes - mostly while under the influence though, no, no, no, and that's all I had time for, but thoroughly enjoyed that interview!

Anonymous said...

Dave, Dave, Dave
You dont really wonder do you?

You know there's an answer to every question. The question is whether we want to believe it not.