Tuesday, November 07, 2006

News Alert

Please visit


to read something truly frightening.

Anyone with ideas about how to respond, please post.


Anonymous said...

Strange that you would post this today as I was at a Dr. appt. and there was a copy of Time Magazine from a couple months or so ago with the same headline only it was discussing the issue of infant euthanasia in the Netherlands (which apparently isnt that unusual) and the fact that this is quickly going to be a Cdn issue. What a frightning concept this is and what a slippery sloap it will lead to.

Belinda said...

There's a great darkness in the world that makes something so wrong seem like it's right to so many people.

At both ends of the life cycle, life can be seen as disposable and inconvenient when really it's a miracle and is a holy gift.

As to how to respond to this news: The darkness can seem overwhelming and hopeless--there's so much wrong in the world. Hearts have to change, one at a time. The only way I know to do that is through prayer.

Oh, and I guess we should ask our politicians where they stand on such things before we vote.