Monday, November 06, 2006

Looking Beyond

I wanted to go for a walk. I can't walk far and I really can't stand without holding on to something, but I still like to stretch my legs every now and then. We went to Giant Eagle here in Columbus and did some light grocery shopping. I wanted a sugar free pie for dessert and some sugar free hot chocolate because we were out. Joe, being Joe, wanted cold beer and some toothpaste. (Not as much of a contradiction as you might first think.)

As we approched the line up Joe handed me keys without my asking for them. I just can't do line ups without falling over. So it was off to the car. I looked around, the view from disabled parking really is better than from the other stalls - hah. When Joe got in the car he was grinning. I asked what had happened. He said that he was checked out by a chubby woman who eyed one of the pies.

"Looks good, hey," Joe said.

She said, "I'm imagining it with a bit of ice cream, or maybe whipped cream. I'm looking beyond the pie." Joe and I both laughed.

I remembered working in a group home with a woman with a disability who had wanted to learn to bake. We had to make several pies for a bake sale. I was just the watcher / washer as pastry to me is just a miracle. Loaves and fishes ... please ... flaky pastry now THAT'S divine. We had four or five done when the other residents came home from an outing. She looked at me and said, with no hint of humour, "Now comes the most important part."

I asked her what that was.

"You've got to keep your eyes on the pies."

And you know.

In this life.

You truly do.

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