Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Left Hook

OK OK OK, I was coming into the hotel, see, and heading right up to the computer room to try and post something on blogger. Rounding the corner I saw a very pretty, very blond woman sitting at the computer desk and I was disappointed that I'd have to wait. Then I noticed that she was using a laptop, not the guest terminal. So I asked her if she would mind if I used the hotel terminal. She said, "Sure" and got up to give me the computer chair and moved slid her laptop further down the desk. She got a chair and sat down. I waved to Joe as he headed up to the room.

She slammed at that computer like a pro. She clearly was comfortable with a keyboard. I did wonder, because I'm catty, how women can type with nails that long. But type she could. She kept glancing at me, I think she was hoping that I'd just check emails and leave. Little did she know that she was looking at a blogger-guy who had a post to clean up and get ready.

Finally she grabbed a cellphone and made a quick call. She talked to someone using computer terms about a website. Finally, with one appraising look at me, she went ahead. There were several websites she wanted linked to ... there was one in Florida for female escorts (there is a euphemism if I ever heard one) then a fantasy one and a leather one. She actually talked about how feathers were 'in' and cuffs were 'out' so some of the photos would have to be changed. It was like she had forgotten that I was there because she was so in to the conversation and into the web site she was building. She was a business woman doing business.

I just stared at the computer screen thinking, "Oh, my God, she's a hooker." Tee hee. Giggle. I'm 53 years old and I work at the respected end of the sex trade and I still turn into an adolescent at times like this. I looked at the computer screen but I was really just listening to her call. My face looked serious but I really wanted to let out a guffaw. Off the phone now she was back at the keyboard. I got bored and then I checked the email and found that there was one that Joe needed to know about so I picked up the phone and called him to come down. She heard me make the call, rolled her eyes, and folded up her laptop and left the business office.

As I waited for Joe to come down I thought of the thousands of people with disabilities that I have taught about sexuality. After every class where I've taught body parts ... you know the drill ... ... testicles ... vulva ... breasts ... I note how the class is uncomfortable and they get silly giggling and breaking tension with humour. It always upset me that adults would be so uncomfortable with something so benign. I saw it as a result of their oppression as disabled people.

So Joe arrived and before we looked at the serious email, I said, "OK OK OK Do you remember the woman who was in here when I got here?" Joe nodded and said, "The pretty blond woman on the lap top?" I started laughing and he looked confused, "Oh, yeah I imagine that she's really good on a lap top ..." he looked confused. "Dancing." I explained. When he didn't get my little joke I said like a frat boy on his first day in the big city, "She was a hooker!!"

Joe an I both giggled as I told him about the feathers and cuffs and escorts in Florida. Giggle, giggle, giggle.

Ummm. Maybe I'm not so sophisticated and disabled people aren't so abnormal. I'm never, ever going to make that assumption again.

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Anonymous said...

Dave, this is David Roche writing. I just watched Amanda Baggs' video and she thanked you in the credits and it reminded me of how great you are. I am a permanent resident of Canada now. I would like to stay in touch. You can reach me at daveroche@aol.com. Hope you are well.