Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's Easy Being Green

A woman yesterday
A stranger
Approached me.
She had something to say

She told me
That I shouldn't be wearing
My soft green shirt
She said
It was too bright
She said
I was already to visible
She said
That now I could be really seen\
She said
She couldn't imagine that I wanted
To be seen
She said
She was only telling me
to be kind

I said
Her words didn't seem kind
I said
Her words didn't feel kind
I said
Her words were unwelcome
I said
I like my soft green shirt
I said
I know I am easily seen
I said
If people looked
They would
See that the green matched my eyes
I said
If she were truly kind
Truly caring
She would have noticed
My soft green eyes.

She wanted
me to feel shame
I didn't
To celebrate
I'm wearing yellow.


Colleen said...

Dear Dave:

You look great in yellow and I bet green too.

I like the way you answered her "kindness". Maybe she will think about it and change her ways of being kind.


lexica510 said...

I now have a happy image of my mind of you, glorious in joyful yellow.

My mother had people telling her most of her life that because she was fat, she should dress in dark colors and try to minimize her visual impact. Mom had no time for that and instead preferred bright floral prints as a basic go-to. After her memorial service, my favorite of the memory cards that people had filled out was one that said simply, "Donna loved glitz."

Hurray for you and for rainbows and glorious color. (Or colour, rather... *grin*)

liebjabberings said...

Some idiot told you to make yourself less conspicuous? Who appointed her the fashion police?

I think your next shirt should have huge Hawaiian flowers on it in ALL colors.


wendy said...

Unbelievable! Some people have a very strange idea of what constitutes kindness!

I'm glad to hear you're wearing yellow today! May I suggest hot pink for tomorrow.

Honestly! MY DAVE!

Anonymous said...

Here's an earworm for you:
"I am your sunshine,
Your only sunshine,
I make you happy,
When skies are grey,
I'll never know, dear,
How much you love me,
So please don't take your sunshine away"

Cheers to you in Sunny California!
(p.s. I expect you to hate me for planting this earworm in your ear!)

Maggie said...

It's always amazing how people think they know what total strangers should be doing. From my perspective, you look great in any color you want to wear -- and pretending to be invisible doesn't sound like your style atall.

So glad you told her she was being unkind. Clearly, she needs to know she doesn't sound good in unkindness.

Jeannette said...

Thank you, Dave. That was exactly what I needed to hear today, after a telephone encounter with a receptionist in my doctor's office who, in an apparent desire to be "helpful", told me that I was managing my arthritis all wrong, that I should do what she does, that I should ignore pain and live my whole life differently... I put up with her bullying spiel because I was too shocked at the moment to respond, but cried for an hour afterwards, and thought of you, thought that you would have handled it differently.
You are changing many lives, Dave, and not just your clients' lives.
Thank you.

clairesmum said...

today I will wear yellow, in honor of you, with gratitude for the way you are teaching me to hear and believe my own self!

Anonymous said...


if I will one day have to meet you,
whether you wearing green, yellow, pink or blue
I'd simply say "it is nice to easily find you!"

My mom is used to wear a bright orange cardigan when travelling with my dad, so he can find her faster in a big crowd...

:-) Julia

Anonymous said...

oh Dave, the first line should have been:
if one day I will have THE PLEASURE to meet you...

Anonymous said...


Glee said...