Thursday, May 29, 2014

Creating Welcome for All

Yesterday something remarkable happened.

We headed out to a store where we needed to do some shopping. Joe needed some new shoes and we go to a store that give out Air Miles (or used to as we discovered). The store is only accessible because I'm a really, really good driver. The entrance way is made narrow by those anti theft things and it's doable but difficult.

Arriving at the door we were surprised to find that they'd installed a automatic door opener.

Surprised again on entry to see that the entrance was wide open without a barrier in sight.

I sailed in.

We found shoes and at checkout I asked about the new entrance saying that it was much more welcoming for me as a customer with a disability.

She said, and stores should pay attention here, 'We wanted to be more accessible but all of our customers say that this is so much better, much more inviting.'

Ya see ... ya see ... YA SEE ... Welcoming is welcoming.

It isn't really difficult to understand.


Susan said...

If there was a "like" button, I'd just push that! :)

Anonymous said...


Jayne Wales said...

That's exactly right. I think anyone who takes a double buggy out with bags just knows what wide aisles and level access means! It just makes everyone's experience better.
Mind you I have to also admit yo liking shelves with lots of different interesting things on them, so not too much order there! All nicely on a level that someone short like me can see and reach them.