Friday, February 01, 2013

Throwing the Book At You


I've done it.

I now have a Facebook page.

I have avoided doing this for a long time but finally gave in yesterday. I'd had a rough sleep and woke up around two. Seems that the repairs on my power chair didn't work and I'm reeling with the idea of my mobility disappearing so quickly. I just lay there in bed, sleepless, and worrying. So I got up, caught up on the few emails that had come in during the night. Then, with nothing left to do, with hours ahead of me before the world wakes up and gets started, I plunged into the world of Facebook.

I worry with both a blog and a Facebook page that I will become bound even more tightly to a computer screen. I don't like being held captive to the implied expectations of these accounts. I find blogger already takes up a big portion of my day - I'm not sure what Facebook's demands will be but, as I type this at 5AM I'm getting pinged with messages from Facebook already. My account isn't even a few hours old yet.

But doing this did what I wanted it to do, it distracted me from the fret and worry about my power chair. So much of my life is made accessible only because of that chair. The initial repairs already cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars - and it's worse now than it was before it was fixed. Even writing about this stirs the fear in my belly to full flame. Man does this cause me stress and upset.



It took me away from those concerns. I wonder if that's the attraction.

I don't know.

But I'm guessing I'll soon see.


CapriUni said...

"The initial repairs already cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars - and it's worse now than it was before it was fixed."


I wish there was more I could do than express a sense of shared frustration at the very idea.

...But I hope that expression at least helps a little bit.

Anonymous said...

You are braver than I, Dave. Facebook scares me. Not only the viruses and scans - but the time-sucking potential. It is getting that you almost need one, just like an email account. I'm holding out as long as I can. There's already too much information out there now. I hope you find it rewarding.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you Dave. I just don't like FB! I'm shocked at how much personal information folks put up there!
I like my privacy way too much!

I just liked your page!


LinMac ( Linda in Dublin)

Anonymous said...

FB is great if you use it as servent rather than master. I subscribe to pages that are about my interests and connect with family and friends. This means that the info that appears is entirely relevent to me.

Also remember the important facebook privacy setting. "If it's private, don't post it on facebook"

Tamara said...

Great to hear you've joined Facebook. Sorry to hear that Henry is still not well. Hope someone figures out how to fix him at a reasonable cost very soon.

Andrea S. said...

Sorry that Henry still isn't operating and that it is getting so expensive :-(

I sent a "friend" request in Facebook.

There are ways to adjust the level of privacy you desire in Facebook (though I forget off hand the details of how to do it). But even with these safeguards, I agree with the general rule, if you don't want the public to know don't put it on Facebook even if you do have those safeguards in place. For one thing, Facebook has been known to mess around with how those privacy safeguards operate in the past which can sometimes temporarily override the settings you thought you had in place (at least until you're able to go in and re-set everything).

Liz Miller said...

I sent you a friend request on Facebook. I'm glad you're there, since I post links to your posts there all the time!!

I'm so sorry about Henry. I hope that whatever is ailing him is resolved soon.

Anonymous said...

Well isn't that interesting Dave.. there have been a couple of studies released this week about facebook and mental health. My intent was to write this coming Sunday's blog about stay tuned! have a great day! :) Joanne

Belly (Liz McLennan) said...

Friend request sent!!

I love Facebook. I love that I am, at the click of a button, able to connect with folks I've met - all facets of my life and who I was are represented in my Friends list and it makes me happy.

Hope you find it a fun place to be, too!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Henry, and hope they are able to repair him.

Moose said...

Stuff on Facebook is like stuff anywhere else on the Interwebs -- if you want it to be private, you don't put it out there.

That said, I strongly recommend that you keep regular Facebook for friends and/or family (as you wish) that you personally know, and create what's called a "Facebook Page" for your website, where you can write updates related to your blog or whatever else, and be more able to keep your private life and public life separate.

This advice is worth what you paid for it. It and $2.50 can buy you a nice cup of coffee somewhere.

Jeannette said...

What Moose said makes a lot of sense.
Having said that, I admit that I've come to appreciate FaceBook. My life changed drastically a couple of years ago -- my long-time marriage ended by death, followed by a new marriage and a 450-mile move, making new friends and keeping the old. I've found that posting photos (and albums) on FB allows new friends a glimpse into my former life, and gives old friends a chance to see what's happening in my current life. Yes, of course I could do it all in emails, but sending an individual email has a "looky-here! looky-here!" quality that I really don't want to inflict on my friends.
Of course you can choose your level of privacy, and of course you can choose what you do and do not post.
And if you don't like it, you can quit.
Good luck, Dave. (And fingers crossed for your chair.)

John R. said...

F book will distract, without a doubt. The reality is it will not ultimately mitigate all suffering. If the Buddha used F book, I am sure he would have still sat under the Banyan Tree and discovered human suffering is universal and guaranteed. Distractions can be good. F book is a big distraction..... Hope your chair is fixed quickly and economically, Dave.

Unknown said...

Dave, i am honored to be part of your team. You are an inspiration to myself and many others. As you have mentioned in your blog this morning, one of my intent with the article "Support with Romance" was for Direct Support Professionals and other support providers to start having 'the conversation' about supporting people in service with romance. From what i have see and heard, since the article was published just over 24 hours ago - 'the conversation' has begun. Thank you; to you and Angie for your editing.

Congratulations on your Weblog win. "Rolling Around In My Head" is a vehicle that is making a difference. 'Weary not and faint not' continue the great work.


Myrrien said...

Welcome to the Facebook world, I must admit I do like it as it keeps me in contact with all those who are important to me. The security issue is a biggie though and I have had to delete a few folk along the way. It can be secured so that only your basic info is shown.

I've sent you a friend request as well.

Hope Henry gets better soon.

Rickismom said...

I use facebook to stay in contact with family and a FEW close friends. When people post idiotic (ie, time wasting) applications, click on it to HIDE all further notices on it.
Set your privacy settings carefully.
And Moose's advice is good.

Shan said...

Can't agree enough with Moose's comment.

Cynthia F. said...

Hi Dave, just sent you a friend request - one fun (but timesucking) side effect might be that you can finally "see" some of your regular commenters and readers. And of course we are all as good looking as you imagined, right?