Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kowalski, this is fabulous. I wasn't sure how to download it but finally figured a way.


Sadderbutwisergirl said...

I have that picture on my sidebar right now. What?? You figured out how to download it?! Looks like I did all that stuff with the View Source and HTML code hunting for nothing. *Sulks*

One Sick Mother said...

I chickened out. Sorry.

I was going to write a post about the pressure that is put on chronically ill and disabled straight women to "put out" despite pain, fatigue and other issues. But frankly, I was afraid that too many male partners would recognize themselves (rightly or wrongly) and there might be some recriminations against some of my friends because of my post.

...which would have defeated the purpose.

Jan said...

Tis the day to think about romance love and sex (not necessarily in that order) I am getting to an age where the nice part is being held and cuddled but a good sexy romp is still a great time. It is nice to have a partner that has been around enough to recognize what you are looking for. Happy love day in whatever form you find it

Kowalski said...

Aw, thanks, Dave!!!

Kowalski said...

Took me a long time to write, but my contribution is finally posted:
Disability & Sex Blog Carnival: You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory