Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Favour

I can't express what this trip to the United Kingdom has meant to me. Truly, I can't. I've had so many private moments with so many people, moments that affirmed, moments that challenged, moments that made me laugh. I'd sit down and attempt to write these memories into my blog and then simply save them, I realized somewhere before typing the first letter and writing the last paragraph that these moments were shared, private and had a degree of intimacy to them.

There are things I know now, because of these interactions that I didn't know before. Things about progress and hope, things about direction and determination, things about courage and obstinancy. Little chats sometimes happened sponateously at breaks. Other conversations happened because people came purposely early. Even others happened spontaneously leave both of us surprised.

In some ways it was as if I became a little more human on this trip. I've been over here often enough to stop being DAVE HINGSBURGER THE PRESENTER and simply be Dave. A loss of a bit of awe made for things much more personable and a lot more real. I appreciated each person's effort to connect with me. I appreciated each bit of insight I gained from each interaction.

From self advocates to parents to care providers my audiences were varied in their make up and in their need but they were united in their purpose. Vision is not lacking. Ideals are not dead. Hope now fuels determination, a reversal that needed to happen.

So, I'm thankful all.

I leave changed.

I hope I returned the favour.


theknapper said...

I can't ever imagine that you haven't affected change.So happy for you that this has been a good trip and hope you get a few days at home in your own bed before continuing on with the good fight.

Manuela said...

To all on the other side of the pond that you encountered, that inspired you, that challenged you, that attended, listened or chatted thank-you from your Canadian friends. Each time Dave visits, he brings back stories, ideas and inspiration to our direction here at Vita. Were so glad to finally have Dave coming home, but know he brings back a piece of each of you to us. Through his stories we feel like we are working with you. Great job Britian, Welcome Home Dave and Joe!

Belinda said...

I couldn't help wondering if the ongoing dialogue here on Rolling Around in My Head has helped many people feel that they know you beyond DAVE HINGSBURGER THE PRESENTER and also let you know that "just Dave" is awesome at close range.

Gary Miller said...

I'm really gutted that I never got to hear you and meet you whilst you were over here.

Alas, hospitalisation and operations made that impossible.

But, I have absolutely no doubt that you managed to bring change - change for the better - to many, many people whilst you were here.

I really hope to hear/meet you are a truly awesome inspiration to lots of us.

Thank you.

Gone Fishing said...

Seems sadly among those "better than us" have not escaped 1950s attitudes, this may interest some people