Saturday, May 02, 2009

Roll Model

Here at the resort we've claimed a table down by the pool. There is space to park the scooter and set up my regular chair under the umbrella. It's far enough away from the pool to give a few second safety net to spot Ruby if she makes a dash for the water yet close enough to see everything that goes on. Joe and I spent the afternoon there while the others were all off at some Disney Extravaganza Park, one day at the Mouse House was quite enough for us.

I had brought my book down and was really enjoying just sitting and reading. After an hour or so, I paused to look around. Another couple had taken a spot a little closer to the pool. She was plump but looked like she could easily hike up Mount 'Because It's There' if she so chose. He was not so able. He walked in tiny baby steps, teetering dangerously from time to time, he made his way around on sheer determination.

As he teetered his way by our table he stopped and took a really good look at my scooter. It is obviously a rental because the company name 'Walker' (which I find endlessly funny) and phone number is painted all over the base. He was obvously tempted but then I saw him set his jaw and shake is head, and on he went. As we left, I felt his eyes on me as I mounted my steed and took off.

We picked the others up from the park and then headed out for a feast of Chinese food. We arrived back at the hotel with more stuff. It seems that every time we come back we are carrying bags of 'stuff' up to the room. Joe had to go in and get change to tip the car jockey so I waited with Marissa and Ruby and Mike took a first load upstairs. A couple of seconds later out whipped the guy from the pool. He was riding on a 'Walker'.

I nodded and he nodded back. 'It's great isn't it?' I asked. He smiled, hugely, and said, 'I couldn't imagine,' and was off.

I don't know if he meant that he couldn't imagine the freedom it would give him, or if he couldn't imagine himself on one, or maybe he meant both. Whatever, I'm glad that he found the courage in himself to take assistance and get freedom.


Whatshername? said...

Maybe, with luck, he'll decide he likes the freedom of it and stick with his choice. :D

Christina said...

I had a REVELATION at the mall last week when my partner insisted on getting a scooter for me rather than leaving me to sit on a bench! Even though I had pain that would normally put me on the couch, I zipped around the mall and the department store for a good couple of hours... I haven't enjoyed an outing like that in a really long time... shopping without misery?!? fantastic.

anyhow - my OT and I have started the process to borrow one from the Red Cross for the next few months to see if this is something i would like longterm...

It's bringing up a lot of 'stuff' around visibility and acceptance, but damn it - i love the freedom!

watch out - menace on wheels coming soon to my neighbourhood!


Anonymous said...

The strangest thing about the scooter is the reaction you get when you say "excuse me" to someone in your way. For some reason, 95% apologize. It's not their fault, I'm usually coming from behind them. In any case, having one has allowed me to run all over the place with no help. Tomorrow I'm getting on the train and going into the city for a concert. Independence is much more important than what people think. And in any case, I am old and fat so they are not far wrong.

CJ said...

What a great thing than man finally did for himself. He allowed himself to have freedom, despite his disability and you, Dave, had a part in that.

I'm feeling pretty successful myself right now. I attended the Bar Mitzvah of one of my students. He has joined the adults in his religious community as a fully functioning member and I had a part in that.

It's a good day.

Anonymous said...

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